Monday, December 31, 2007

do you think we will win?

my friend jeanine ( asked me why my family christmas card didn't include me and husband seth and if i chose to opt out because i was prego. no i'm not prego, just a food baby (on a side note saw juno and loved it, but a little advice, don't see it with your brother sam said after the movie, "i'm just going to walk out of the theater, look at mom and dad, and pretend this movie never happened). anywho the reason the picture doesn't include the parents of the family is because CHRISTMAS PICTURES THIS YEAR WERE A MAJOR FIASCO!!!! first off we tried the whole family when seth's mom got her family pictures on thanksgiving. seth's mom is dating now and it kind of made the picture thing a huge stress because new boyfriend was in the family picture and it just set us off. lets just say seth's face isn't happy. then no one told me i had 5 feet of regrowth and that i looked like a lion. also truth be told the king family dancers look like cancer patients in the winter. its not like i want to look umpa loompa orange but seriously we look like a ghost took our picture. i must say the photographer was awesome we just weren't the best subjects. so after seeing the proofs i decided i would take my kids picture in the "daybreak sled". our community has "santa's sled" and if you take a christmas card picture there you can enter the photo in a contest...
do you think we will win?

we're a shoe in i know...bella my oldest and should be the one to cooperate was too cold so we had to take pictures in our beautiful house i mean a model home across the street so enjoy these pictures in the model home...

despite the horrible christmas card experience we had a fabulous christmas....the kids were excited, the presents were perfect (seth made bella the most amazing desk) was tons of fun and great to actually see seth. he is so busy. he is busy with his regular hours job at okland and then busy with his business he is starting with former teammate and friend casey cloward. they are starting a residential construction/remodeling if anyone needs trimwork, cabinetry, you name it-they do it and they are amazing if i do say so myself. the are both perfectionists and very talented. seth dedicated the country song "please come home for christmas" to the kids. we love him and are so grateful for his hardwork....merry christmakah to all!
ps did anyone watch the grinch this season? i am either getting nerdier or crazy b/c it was so hilarious. why didn't i laugh so much the first time i saw it?
pps also the first picture is of bella and bff ella.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

merry christmas

this is a picture of my cutest little cousin katie....
love it!

Friday, December 07, 2007

birthday tribute

This has been a long time coming. This post has been in my mind from the beginning but it has been a difficult one to transfer to my keyboard. Today is one of my dearest friend's birthday. The fact that she is one of my dearest friends is the reason this post is happening so late. When she passed away 2 1/2 years ago there was such an outpouring of love-things written and things said that I felt lost in the background, in the ensemble if you will, but I should have done this sooner. So- on her birthday this year I will remember what she always told me, "there are no small parts, just small actors" and give my tribute to her. I remember my first experience meeting the infamous "Sydney Riggs". I was in the horribly awkward junior high years searching for my destiny. It seemed kismet that the Scera Shell would be producing the show, "Meet Me in St. Louis" with a part just for me! I dragged my sister to the OHS lunchroom and sang my heart out. We were both so happy to be called back. I felt like I did really well but to my disappointment I wasn't cast, she REJECTED me. Even worse my sister was cast. I remember going to the rehearsals with Tatum and watching Syd at work (in black sweats, btw, in JULY!). She was so patient with Tatum and made her feel so good about herself. I knew that I would work with her again and committed myself to being cast the next time we met. I didn't see Syd again until High School. I signed up for the optional B5 class of Musical Theater. Alan Sackett and I became instant friends and it was very convenient because he was/is and amazing accompanist. Alan and I would go to the piano during free time and sing our hearts out until she noticed. I will never forget her walking up to me while singing, "The Sun in the Morning" and telling me I had gotten a lot better from the last time she saw me. She was so lovely when it came to compliments. She didn't just hand them out all the time, even if you deserved it. They were well calculated from a teaching perspective to give the you the will to continue and the confidence to suceed. I don't know if she did this on purpose, but as she would say, it was brilliant! High School had its ups and downs but all of the ups for me happened in theater. My "drama" experience for lack of better words was magical. So many great friends, so many amazing memories and opportunities....Syd made everything important. We weren't just high school students to her, we were her friends. She saved me. All of my close "hang out" friends were a year older than me and when they graduated I felt completely alone. Syd sensed this and had me sign up to be her TA right before lunch time. I remember that first scary day of school my Senior year when I thought I might have to eat alone. The bell rang and she turned to me and asked where I wanted to go for lunch. She didn't have to say anything to make it all better. This gift of being my friend when I felt alone was the greatest she gave me. It wasn't a lead, or being her "favorite" in high school as some might say, it was her innate awareness of what I needed. She not only sheltered me from the storm but found others to be my friends and for that I am grateful beyond measure. A lot of people in high school might call me a drama cheerleader. I would make up really lame, but cool, cheers for drama and we would all do them. Syd was my life cheerleader. Everything I did she was completely supportive and happy for me. I remember that she loved Seth. I think the german won her over, but it meant a lot to me. She also was so sweet and kind about my kids. I would take them to her classroom and she would give them treats and let them color all over. She would put their pictures on her desk and she was proud of them. I loved that. My favorite memory though was when we were in "Fiddler on the Roof", I played Hodel and she played my mom, Golde. (No Nate, its not the laughing memory, even though I won't forget coming back stage and her saying, "What the hell was that?) There is a sequence where Tevye, the father, is "singing" about his family. It sounds cheesy but it began with Golde (Syd) and the three daughters holding hands and and going around in a circle. Syd would look at us, her daughters, so thoughtfully and her face so loving and reflective. When she looked at me though, she wasn't acting and I will never forget it.
The last time I talked to her was the day after I got home from Europe. She as always was so sweet to talk about ME the whole time and gush about my trip. When we were in London we saw Billy Elliott on her recommendation and couldn't wait to talk about the show. I also had some gifts for her and we arranged for Seth and I to come over that next Sunday night. She died on Saturday.
Happy Birthday Syd.
I love you.
Angie Boyle King (cause that's what you called me:)
ps thx to Heather for the pic

Monday, November 19, 2007

it bothers me

So it might be because I have my annual cold and I am grumpy but I ABSOLUTELY HATE the Carl's Jr. commercials. Does anyone else feel completely offended and grossed out by the "don't bother me, i'm eating" campaign? (the slogan is not worthy of capital letters). The latest installment now showing during commercials is the girl eating some crazy taco salad in a truck. Are you kidding me? First of all, nothing takes away my appetite more than chomping. The ad is filled with chomping and dripping, there are no napkins. All I can think about is how sick they are going to feel after they eat the burger that can drop and everything stays in place (see the end of the commercial). It also seems like the actors have weird body language like squatting or sitting with there legs apart, they don't have time to eat their 6 dollar burger at the table they have to scarf it down right then and their and get their big rig all messy and smelling liked processed meat and onions. The voice over is also horrible, I think the female voice is the same girl that does the teasers for channel 5, "next see what happens on the office" (think of a really constipated voice.) So basically I didn't really need a reason to hate Carl's Jr. more, but know it just bothers me.

PS we brought home a new member of our family on Saturday, a cute little Shih Tzu named Lola, pictures to come.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


So here are my Halloween top 10 "thoughts/moments":
10. Feeling like the mom of the year by figuring out Bella's hair for Cindy Lou-Who. I was really worried we wouldn't be able to do it but my years in theater finally paid off.
9. I hate teenagers trick or treating. It is lame. They just need to have a party somewhere where I can't hear their annoying laughs.
8. Eating sloppy joes. I heart sloppy joes.
7. Sophia hated her costume and screamed everytime we put it on but it was worth it to here her say the word "octopus".
6. My body is sooooooooo mad at me right now for the bingeing of yesterday.
5. I loved that I seriously cried at the school Halloween costume parade when I saw Carson, you could tell he felt so cool.
4. I love my neighborhood, we take it to a whole new level.
3. Uncle Kenny's Gaston costume. (Ashley-please post pictures)
2. Starting Grey's Anatomy-finally and I am loving it.
1. EGG NOG-there is nothing better than drinking it-straight up.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm "it"

So I guess I should say "thanks" to Hailey (www.haileytracks.blogspot) for the tag. I am not a big "get to know you game" kind of gal BUT it has been fun to think of what random facts I want to share about myself (besides Hailey is the coolest and it has been so fun to reconnect via blogs).

Here are the rules:

1-Link to your tagger (like I did with Hailey) , and also post these rules on your blog
2-Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird
3-Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs
4- Let them know they are TAGGED by leaving a comment on their blog

OK, here goes...

1. I don't really love email forwards but occasionally I fall upon something exceptional, that is when I forward. So those that I email should know that if I forward something it is either major inspirational or comedy gold. (in my opinion of course)
2. I sent my great grandma to the ER. When I was 3 I was swinging her cane around and hit her on the head. They had to take her to the hospital because I hit her so hard that she passed out.
3. I didn't have one single friend in 7th grade. It got so bad that I begged my mom to pick me up for lunch everyday because I hated eating by myself. If I go to hell it will be 7th grade at Canyon View Junior high, FOREVER.
4. I like 30 Rock better than The Office (please don't hate me)
5. During a live performance of 7 Brides for 7 Brothers at the Hale I laughed so hard that I peed my pants-ON STAGE!
6. I seriously think I am legally blind. Without contacts or glasses I can't see anything. It is sad, I can't even read anymore without the corrective lenses.
7. I broke up with one of Seth's best friends (Kevin) to date him (Seth). It was quite the scandal. (just kidding, kind of)

I'm with Hailey on hating to tag other people. I will not be offended if you don't respond, but I would make me have a better self esteem if you do. (no pressure.)


Monday, October 22, 2007

Friday, October 05, 2007


I love my sister so much that I am posting this birthday note. To prove my love I posted a picture that is HORRIBLE of me and AMAZING of Abby. Happy Birthday Sissy. I still remember driving from Monticello to Logan when you were born. Tatum, Sam, and I were soooo excited and couldn't sleep at Grandma Hurren's house. Grandpa tried to get us back to sleep but gave up and let us play with toys and talk about our new sister. I remember going to the hospital and standing outside the door and hearing you cry and Tatum saying, "Mom turned into a baby?!" When I held you for the first time you looked the same as you do now, minus hair. Its true. I can still see it. When we came home to Monticello mom came to my class and you were my show and tell for the day. I had a little wooden cradle and since you were mom's fourth baby she was a little more relaxed and would let me put you in the cradle, like a doll. When you were in second grade I wrote your name on your brown paper lunch sack and you were so embarrassed because my handwriting is funny and it looked like I wrote "baby" instead of "abby". On my 12th birthday we went to Temple Square and I was in the horrible awkward stage (I might not have left that stage) and you wore a sailor dress and a HUGE red bow. I remember telling mom that if one more person told us how cute you were I was going to puke (gotta love the early nineties). I remember when I started High School and you met Syd and said, "I'm Angie's little sister Abby, and I'm dramatic". I loved going to all of your high school events and watching you cheer and watching you emcee the poorly written assemblies with student council. Even though Fashion Team was made for girls who aren't coordinated enough for cheer or dance team those were always fun to go to and laugh/cry/cheer. :) They were good. I love going to Magelby's now and seeing you. I consider it the highest compliment when your coworkers tell me how much we look alike. You are so good at your job and I am always told that you are one of the best, if not the best. Not to mention that fact that you are flying through college so well. I am so proud of you Abby and for the awesome twenty something you have become! I love you! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Old Faves

So lately I have been thinking about movies I watched when I was little that I LOVED!
1. The Chipmunk Adventure-this movie was (is) the best! We actually own the VHS and my kids love it too. I remember watching it and thinking I was so cool. I knew (know) all of the songs and would (still) always rock out. "We're the girls of Rock and Roll".
2. Katy the Caterpillar-I need to find this movie. Watching this film was an emotional roller coaster for me. Katy is a caterpillar who longs to see the world and find out what she is to become.
3. Care Bears in Wonderland-the cheshire cat is awesome. I found this movie on You-tube the other day and Bella and I sat and watched the whole thing, even with a crappy picture.
4. Charlotte's Web (the cartoon)-I love this book of course, but this is the one movie that comes close to being as good as the book. I love Paul Lynde as the voice of Templeton the rat, and Debbie Reynolds as Charlotte. I still cry at the end when Wilbur starts telling Charlotte's babies about their mother. I am getting chills right now just thinking about it.
5. Dumbo's Circus-so this is not a movie but a series I watched on the Disney Channel. Good times.
6. Today's Special-another TV series...I wish I could buy it.
That is my list.
The End.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Fun Test

You Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.
A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.
A unique soul like you needs a city that offers everything.
No wonder you and London will get along so well.

Monday, September 24, 2007

It rhymes with duck.

So on Saturday Seth played in a BYU Alumni Baseball game in Provo, which (on a side note) ended up being a whole lot less horrible than I originally thought. I was worried it would be a bunch of old guys playing the new guys (which it was) but the old guys won or tied or something like that. It was also fun for Seth to see former teammates, and guys he coached. Anywho afterwards Seth and I headed to the Utah College of Massage Therapy to get 2 for 1 massages. The kids went to my mom's and played with the neighborhood kids there. Carson went across the street to his friend Isaac's house. To preface Isaac's family is awesome, we love them. When we arrived home after the massages and playing Carson mentioned to me that Isaac's brother Ethan said a swear word. I badgered Carson to tell me what it was but he couldn't remember. Sunday at breakfast Seth and I were busy getting the kids cereal, making cookies for his home teaching families (we're awesome like that), among other things when Carson yells, "I remember what swear word Ethan said it rhymes with duck, its f*@!." Sophie then repeats the "word". Seth and I have to go into the pantry and hide because we are laughing so hard. It is so weird to hear THAT word come out of your kids mouths. After we regained composure we came out and explained that it is a bad word, yadda, yadda, yadda. Now I am terrified to get phone calls from his school teacher, primary teacher, friends parents, telling me that he taught their kids "the word". My kid is going to be THAT KID.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So I am really apathetic and cynical when it comes to politics. I don't really get into it because it either makes me mad or gives me a headache. I don't attribute myself to any particular party I just vote for the candidate who seems best to me. Seth knows this about me and always sends me emails that he knows will bug the crap out of me. This one is the latest: (I copy/pasted it so it has crappy formatting, sorry)

"Karen Ferrara
Mom was a homemaker and Dad worked all his life and Paid into SS. Dad has passed away and now Mom can
Barely make ends meet.While the possible "illegal" alien in front of her At the grocery store buys the name brands, Mom goes
For the generic brands and 'day old' breads. She doesn't have out of state calling on her phone, Because she can't afford it and shops at the thrift Shops and dollar stores. She considers having a pizza delivered once a week "eating out". She grew up during the depression, watched her husband Go overseas to fight in WW II a year after their marriage, and then they went on
To raise, feed and clothe 5 children, struggling to Pay tuition for parochial schools.The Senate voted this week to allow "illegal" aliens Access to Social Security benefits. I'm sorry, but How can the Senate justify this slap in the face to born and bred, or naturalized, Citizens. It is already impossible to live on Social Security alone. If they give benefits to "illegal" Aliens who have never contributed, where does that Leave those of us who have paid into Social Security All our working lives?Attached is an opportunity to sign a petition that Requires citizenship for eligibility to receive Social Services. If you do not wish to sign the petition yourself, please forward on to anyone You think might be interested.
Mr. President: The petition below is a protest Against the recent vote of the senate which was to Allow illegal aliens access to our social security! We demand that you and all Congressional representatives require citizenship for Anyone to be eligible for social services in the United States ."

This is followed by a long list of "signed" names followed by this statement:


You have go to be kidding me! That's President Bush's email address! Awesome! And while I am emailing the President maybe I will email the following:




or maybe Dick Cheney might want that funny forward that is circulating

I am not saying anything about the content of the petition. This is the US and we have a right to our opinion. That's what makes our country so kick A, but seriously, am so sure.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Family Update

So I feel like I need to do a little update on my here we go. Youngest to oldest.

Sophie is by far my craziest child. We purchased a new sectional in July and she has already managed to draw on it with marker, pen (twice), crayon, and pencil. Thank goodness it is microfiber and I am also grateful for hairspray (it gets out ink). My other kids never drew on things but she does it all the time. I tell people that she is kind of like a puppy, you can't really leave her by herself...I always have to be within earshot and know where she is at all times. Her sassiness is kind of what makes her so stinking cute though. She loves Yo Gabba Gabba. She runs around singing the songs. Her other favorite is Scooby Doo. She loves it when I sing her the Scooby lullaby which is basically the theme song really slow.

Carson just started soccer and he is trying his best (keeping it positive). He wants to make a goal so bad because Seth told him that he could get a toy if he did. I don't know which is more frustrating, watching Carson play or watching Seth on the sidelines. Seth is really positive but I know it kills him when he looks on the field and Carson is picking the grass. The real problem is that he wants to be the goalie and they don't have goalies in pee wee league. The last game the kids started running down the field and he went in the goalie box and got ready to defend. He was so excited. Carson is a really good artist. He can draw all day and things actually are recognizable. He also loves to wrestle with dad and do Karate. He also has a girlfriend named Lily and is the most handsome boy in his class, he seriously is, there was an award and he won it and everything. :)

Isabella is crazy busy with dance. She loves it. It is so fun to have your child be excited about lessons and a talent they are developing. I can't say enough about her studio. Nicole Walker Pullins is the owner and her family runs it. They do such a great job. Isabella is making friends in our new neighborhood and is so good to walk home with Carson everyday from school.

Seth is super busy with his job and all of his other side projects. I sent him to Chicago and he absolutely loved the trip. He loved it so much he wants to retire there someday so we can go to all the Cubs games. The cubs are winning their league by a game (?) so that is always good. He is a great husband, and to quote my friend Katie, "I'm so glad I married for looks." :)

ANGIE (that's me)
I am trying really hard not to be the old lady that I am inside. We saw skateboarders the other night at the movie theater and I sat and complained about how they are going to get hurt and how annoying the noise was. Other than that I started running a couple months ago and I love it. I HATED it at first but I am finally enjoying myself. I wish I could do Mrs. Hardy's fun run now.

Well, I hope that didn't sound like an annoying Christmas letter. I just read it and it did, so sorry about that. I hope your families are doing well, I love reading everyone's blogs, getting updates, great ideas, good laughs, and makes my day a little more interesting. On a final note we rented the movie "The X" with Jason Bateman. It was pretty funny. I don't know if it was because we didn't expect much or because I have a sort of crush on Mr. Bateman but I recommend the movie.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

...and that's why we don't eat money!

So we had quite the fiasco this weekend. It all began on my birthday last Wednesday, I was washing my face, getting ready for bed when I hear Sophia choking. I run to her and she throws up in my hands (happy birthday to me). I notice that she is playing with some coins from my jewelry box so when I dump the vomit in the toilet I sift through it to see if she dislodged a coin (funny how its not gross when you are a mom). I figure that is what she was choking on so I call my pediatric clinic. They tell me that it happens all the time and that the coin should pass within a week, if it doesn't, to call them and they will do some x-rays. So the next few days go by and I notice that she is a little bit cranky and drooling now and again. I call the clinic again and they tell me not to worry, that she might just be teething and that if she is breathing normally and eating that she is fine. She keeps telling people, "I ate money!" Seth flew home from Chicago on Saturday and on Sunday he made the kids pancakes. Sophia usually downs 6-7 pancakes but on Sunday she barely ate one and then throws up in Seth's hands (happy belated birthday to dad). I come home from a meeting and Seth tells me that he has a feeling the coin is in her throat. After calling my MIL (who is an RN) I give in and take her to the after hours clinic. The doctor doesn't think there is a problem but orders an x-ray just to be safe. Low and behold father does know best.

There is a HUGE coin in her esophagus. The doctor sends me to Primary Children's ER to get it removed. You would think the story ends there-not to spoil the ending but it doesn't end for 12 more hours! As I am sitting in the waiting room to add to the fun some wanna be Paris Hilton mom comes in with her two kids who she thinks have meningitis. She just lets them wander around the waiting room touching and playing with other kids. She tries to put the "cute little masks" on them but they won't keep them on. How silly mom Paris! So because of the reckless germ spreading I keep Sophia snug on my lap. An hour later they call us back to the Radiology lab where they tell me I have 3 options:
1. Keep the coin in her throat. (Who chooses that?)
2. Have a surgeon remove it with a scope.
3. Quickly have the radiologist remove it with some balloon mechanism.
The radiologist tells me that #3 is the best answer. It is quick and easy and it is how everyone does it. He tells me that he has never seen it not work. I choose #3.
They then have me leave the room and papoose Sophia to a mummy board. (Basically they ace bandage her to a board so she can't move). Sophia screams the whole time. I sob the whole time. The radiologist comes out and tells me they weren't successful and walks away.
Next I am taken to an ER room. I talk to the ER doctor who wants to know why I went with the radiologist. I tell him that I have no idea, they just came and got me. Major Drama in the ER. Apparently you never remove foreign objects with that method if they have been in the body for more than 2 days. So I cry because I put my daughter through that for no reason. Sophia in the meantime is in the fetal position in my lap. I then wait another 2 hours for the surgeon to come talk to me. Seth arrives as we are talking to the surgeon. He tells us that it is going to be another 2-3 hours before he can perform the extraction. We wait 2 more hours in the ER. They won't let Sophia eat or drink (because she is getting surgery) and she hasn't eaten since pancakes for breakfast. She is totally dehydrated and pale. I ask the nurse if they can get her hooked up to an IV because I am worried. The nurse says they can't yet. I start crying again and embarrassed I explain that I am crying because she hasn't eaten all day and it is really hard to ignore her cries for water. The nurse tells me, "There are kids in this hospital who have been waiting to eat a lot longer than your little girl." I walk back into our room a total mess. They then move us out of the ER to a regular room. They finally start her IV. She hates the IV experience and Seth tells her-and that's why we don't eat money! She falls asleep crying for water. About 4 hours later they take her into surgery and remove the coin-a nickel. It took about 5 minutes. They take us back the the room and she downs 2 cups of apple juice. We leave 2 hours later. It was such a crazy experience. I am usually a pretty calm person when it comes to things like this but I was a total train wreck. I felt like the care we received at Primary Children's was horrible. We kept the nickel that the surgeon, ironically named Dr. Nichol removed. The experience is still so fresh that I am not laughing about yet but I know later I will. And that's why we don't eat money!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy 30th Birthday SETH!!!

Today Seth is 20-10! Hooray! For his birthday he is going to Chicago to see the Cubs and stay with some great friends. He is so amazingly good looking....just keeps getting better and better. Of course he is the most patient human alive to be married to me. I love you!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Deep Thoughts

This is one of those posts that might not make sense because I am writing down my abstract thoughts. Lately, as my 28th birthday approaches, I have discovered yet another pet peeve. I am seriously a grumpy old lady with all of the things that irritate me. Any-who, I hate "growing up". I find it ironic that I played Peter in Peter Pan and I am saying this now. I should break into song! Life is a musical! I hate how people act when they grow up. Serious. All of the time. It seems that friends have some new wall in front of them as they "act" like adults. We can't just say things we used to say or do things we used to do. I am not talking about going out and acting like crazy teenagers (old lady Angie would get so annoyed) but it bugs me when people (when their kids aren't around) say "poop" instead of "crap". Give me a break...I know the word you really want to say. Or maybe when you get together with friends and your conversation sounds like a lame family letter, "Tommy is doing so well in school, they say he is reading on a college level". It isn't the bragging that bugs me as much as the "let me tell you how great my life is because even though I am out of high school I still feel the need to compare." Or asking questions like, "What's your calling?" (That could be its own blog). I have to add the disclaimer that sometimes these questions are asked and comments are made and it is okay but you know when it isn't. I have to blame the TV show "What Not to Wear" for this tangent thought. I watched the other day at the gym and I swear it was about me. They made fun of this girl for shopping in the Juniors section. I cringed as I realized that I shop there too. She hated the experience for the most part. They made her wear "mom" clothes. Turtlenecks, vests, you know the drill. They weren't bad looking clothes. It wasn't the famous mom jeans commercial but "adult" clothes. I CAN"T DO THAT!!!! Is there something wrong with me?!?!!? I can't give up my youth. I will be a mom but I can't let go of my sarcasm, shopping at Hollister and Forever 21, stop watching SNL and Newport Harbor....I refuse. The only problem now is that I might turn into this:


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Key Bank Tower Implosion in Salt Lake City

Because Seth's company is the contractor of City Creek downtown, we stayed at the Marriott (left corner) and watched the implosion. CRAZY!! We were a little scared, but because my husband is awesome, everything went perfectly as planned. Seth was up all night working and getting ready, he came in our room around 3 AM with his flashlight and said, "Ang, we need to evacuate the building right now..." Needless to say his little joke scared me to death....what a kidder....anyway, good times.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Besides my amazing there anything/anyone better than Sting? Just thought I would share......

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So here I am sitting in my sweaty gym clothes, sitting in my filthy house-posting. What the hell is my problem? I will tell you-Stephenie Meyer! I just finished her third book, Eclipse, and that pretty much sums up what I have done in the past 2 days. And if finishing the book wasn't enough, I now feel the need to publicly post my feelings about a novel....what has come over me? I am sure you could find a zillion blog posts about this book. Why are we so obsessed? Why has it taken over my life? Why do I, mother of three, daydream about vampires? (sorry, not werewolves, Jacob totally bugs). Why do I endure constant teasing from my husband about my obsession with Edward? Stephenie Meyer is amazing. Some may read her books and say "Meh, its okay, not the best written novel ever...." but then explain to me why we are all so obsessed!!!! Madness aside, it was a great book, enjoyed every minute...I'm not so jazzed about Jacob but whatever.....Edward was amazing as usual. I also love Emmett, he is my favorite after Edward. I can't wait until next fall to let my life wait on pause again as I read another saga in Bella Swan's life, she better get over the marriage thing BTW, give me a break. Well I better go find my kids....just kidding. :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

naming baby

So I was leaving the gym yesterday, picking Sophie up from the gymcare, and I was asking the girl who works there about her little boy. She told me his name was Sam. I mentioned that Sam is my brother's name and that I think it is a really cute name. She then rolled her eyes and said, "I know, but it wasn't popular, that's why we chose it and now everyone is using it." I hate to be rude but Puh-lease! I think this attitude is becoming a HUGE pet peeve of mine. I don't care who you are unless you name your kid some crazy made up name like Jkue (I just typed random letters), it wasn't your idea and I hate to break it to you if the name becomes popular, it wasn't because of you, unless you're TomKat or Brange. When we named our oldest Isabella, it wasn't really that common, but now it is. I would like to pride myself in thinking that I started the trend, but in reality my choice was just the beginning of a trend. I guess I should just be a little more tolerant and not let stuff like this bug me, but it does. Can't we just consider ourselves clever for being at the beginning of a trend instead on thinking we started it?

Friday, August 10, 2007

California followed us home

I LOVE California, don't get me wrong. The weather is perfect, we have amazing friends who live there, it is ALWAYS green, Disneyland, the beach....I could go on and on BUT I seriously think the state followed us when we moved back to Utah. I know you are thinking...."Seth and Angie aren't that cool, why would a state follow them home?" But it did. Here is the evidence:

Forever 21-I know this store is pretty much everywhere now but it has always "belonged" to CA
House Prices-they are not as bad, but give me a break.
Cars- in California we would always say stuff like, "I just want to see a regular car, in Utah you never see so many expensive cars" Now you do.
Air quality-I would guess that Orange County actually had better air quality than the Salt Lake Valley now.
Traffic-I don't care what anyone says, it is just as bad or worse. I would actually say worse. We need more roads.

I am not complaining but it is kind of crazy to move back to the place you grew up and have it seem like the place you left.

That is that.

Completely changing the subject-Seth is one of the Project engineers over block 76 (the crossroads remodel) and I am so excited because we get to stay in the Marriott next week and watch them blow up the Key Bank Tower.....we are really looking forward to it, I think mostly because after the implosion maybe we will see him more.....

Last thing-President Faust. What a great man. I loved his talk last conference on Forgiveness. "Let us remember that we need to forgive to be forgiven."

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Girls/Hairspray

I just thought these pictures were adorable. Isabella and Sophia look so cute in their dance outfits. Sophie hasn't started dance yet but she loves to dance around and wear Isabella's old leotards and shoes. Their new favorite thing to do together is listen to the Hairspray movie cast recording and dance around. Bella always wants to be Amber Von Tussle. She likes them snotty! BTW go see Hairspray. It is fabulous. I loved every minute of it. I know that sounds really predictable of me but I haven't really liked many recent movie musicals and I only went to this because I didn't want to go to Transformers with Seth. (He took Carson to that and I took the girls to Hairspray). John Travolta scared me at first but I thought his campy performance was brilliant at best. Nikki Blonsky was so perfect, she was born for the role. It is funny because I HATE this show but the movie made me a fan. It is usually the opposite. I could go on and on....Christopher Walken, always amazing, Zac Efron, meh, but Isabella was in love with her crush. My crush of the movie, James Marsden, cute, cute, cute....(not as cute as Seth, but 2nd place)......go see it, it is a happy, great movie......

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back to School

So my kids are in year round school and today was Carson's first day of Kindergarten. I love the picture of Sophie "congratulating" him. I think he looks so handsome in his bright blue shirt ($6.99 at Target). He didn't cry and proudly walked into his class with his new teacher Mrs. Karren. I am so excited for him.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Carson's Birthday

So I totally copied a creative friend for Carson's 5th birthday party-I know it is tacky of me and I am so sorry Melissa, it was just to cute to resist! We had a bug birthday, made bug hats, had a bug hunt, bugs, and more bugs. Anywho, it was great!

Twin Cousins

So my cousin Trisdan and I are about 8 months apart. We have always been great friends and when we were little we always told people we were "twin cousins". The great thing is, we are not twins, but as we were talking the other weekend we laughed remembering that we really thought we were. We remembered going to the 4th of July parade in Provo when we were about 10 in twin outfits and thinking people might get us mixed up, what a crazy time that would be?!?! As much as I would love being Trisdan's twin, she is absolutely gorgeous, we are not, I think we just watched a little too much Parent Trap.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy 80th!

Last week my family had a huge get-together for my Grandma Boyle. She turned 80 last month and all of the family went to Monticello (1 hour south of Moab...kidnapped bride....) to celebrate. It was fabulous. My Grandma is the most lovely person you would ever meet. I can hardly believe she is 80, she is still so "with it" and seems at least 60! The first night all of the adults went to eat at a steak house by Canyonlands. It was really fun. The ambiance really made it a fun place.

The next day was the city parade so we all went to that and Isabella was able to participate with my uncle's "float" for his newspaper, the San Juan Record, (he just started putting it online btw so if anyone wants the inside scoop to the crazy county of San Juan the address is After the parade we had family pictures and a barbecue, and watched a little video I made about Grandma's life. The Boyle side of the family has always been close because there are only three brothers and 13 grankids so it was good to catch up and chat.

Friday, July 06, 2007

I have a new toy

I bought a new camera. I am a little trigger happy. The past few days have been crazy. Fourth of July: Swimming at Veterans Pool, picnic in the park..... Lagoon with Grandma King: Hottest day of my life, Isabella went on crazy rides and I thought she was going to die, Sophia threw-up in my hand, got my fix of carnies for the year.....Carson's Birthday: New bike, I can't believe I have a 5 year old and he is my SECOND child. Enjoy the pictures, I love that Sophie is such a cheeser. On a movie side note: The movie GHOSTRIDER should have received an academy award for best screenplay-NOT! Worst movie of the year so far. Lastly, Congratulations Lisa for joining the world of blogging....