Monday, October 30, 2006


My husband and I rarely fight about things. It is a nice blessing. We agree on most movies, politics, music...but there is a major source of contention in our relationship-bangs. Seth HATES my bangs. When I first cut them he told me, "If we weren't married and just dating I would break up with you because I hate your bangs." I am sorry honey but the 80's are back and bangs are big. We haven't even scratched the surface of how big and crazy things are going to get.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


This is going to be a more serious post. Details aside, my husband and I have been making a lot of "big decisions" lately. I shouldn't say "making" them but pondering different choices, life paths, ect. It has made me realize that I hate being a grown-up. I hate thinking about real life scenarios and playing out in my mind what may happen with a certain choice or what won't happen. Basically a year ago next week my husband walked out of a recruitment interview glowing. He actually ended up at the meeting by accident. He had signed up to go but didn't want cancel last minute so he gave it a chance. What had happened as a mistake ended up becoming our choice. It was against any planning we had originally had but it felt right. We were reassured that we would be taken care of but now with the market downturn here in Southern California we find ourselves yet again looking for what direction we should take. We have done all the things we usually do when we make decisions but we don't feel specific about anything. It has all made us wonder why we came out here. We LOVE Orange County and our friends here but is that enough to stay? I am not looking for answers just venting that we may never know why things happen or why our decisions that seemed so right blow up in our faces. It is official now after reading my post that I am Debbie the Downer but I wish my choices now were which flavor of ice cream I wanted at the BYU creamery.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Words that are out of style

I just thought I would list a few words that are out of style. It is my goal to use these words as often as possible to see if I am a trend setter. Add to the list if you desire:
1.Fine. "Brad Pitt is so fine!"
2.Boss. "That motorcycle is boss."
3.The Bomb. "BYU is the bomb."
4.Check ya. "Check ya later."
5.Out. "Come on Seth, we're out." (As in "let's leave")
6.Peeps. "I totally know her, she is one of my peeps."
7."Let's roll". "Get the keys, let's roll on outta here."
8."Gag me with a spoon"
9."You got it dude". (It just isn't funny anymore, making fun of those Olsen gals).
10."Cut it out" (with actions)

So the last two are totally Full House knock offs. I have come to realize that Full House has gone full circle. It was funny to say those phrases to make fun of the show but now it is played out. Anyway, I'm out. Check ya later peeps.

One more thing, I officially deem, "Stop this rhyming now I mean it, anybody want a peanut" lame and out of style. It is not funny anymore.