Monday, December 08, 2008

is this cute or scary?

so sophia had a pretend gun the other day (maybe that is the problem, why do we have pretend guns, seth?) and she pointed it at carson's head and said, "you're gonna die freak." worse than what she said i immediately called seth to tell him how cute and funny our 3-year-old is. as i contemplated the exchange i realized that maybe i am the problem. i shouldn't think that is funny. i should wash her mouth out with soap, but instead i laugh, call dad, and give her a hug and a cookie. i then go to my room, smile on my face, and write a journal entry about it. i can't help it even now as i think about it i am smiling and laughing. in a few years i will be writing a post about how adorable it is that she is swearing all the time. :) just kidding. (but not about the gun part.)

ps does anyone want to schedule a playdate with sophie?

Monday, November 24, 2008

talkin' sports

(proof that i attend athletic events.)

i grew up in the uc and i am proud of the mormon culture that i was raised in. i think a lot of people get embarrassed that they are from utah but i think it is great. i love utah, jello salad, family reunions, byu, all that goes with being raised mormon. i have the tysmen rap memorized..." drugs alcohol or even caffeine they say it so straight, do you have any fun, yeah, we beat a number one team on television...oh hungowa byu's got ty power!" not ashamed at all. i think it is funny when people say they will never live in utah again. i like to classify those people with the people who say they will never drive a mini van. give it up are in your thirities, getting fat, have lots of are no longer cool. you are never going to take your ride with carseats to your high school parking lot. i started thinking about all of this the weekend of the big football game. anyone that knows me should know that sports aren't really my thing. on a side note- i kind of feel bad that someone so athletic married me. i remember in the beginning of our marriage trying to play catch together. seth would tell me to "stop pretending" but sadly i was giving it my all. (thank goodness we have kids that can catch and hit a ball). as the big utah/byu game approached i enjoyed listening to all the "smack" talk. i don't participate (i couldn't name a single player on either team, max hall?) but i LOVE to listen. i think it is funny to hear the arguing and emotion that goes on with this "big" game. during our brief stint living out of state i realized that almost every mormon was a huge Y fan. they would drive all night to the games and order special cable channels. i recently recalled this as i realized that there are so many U fans from the great county of utah. i kind of think it is a "rebellion" thing for we utah county kids. i remember telling my parents in heated argument as a teenager that i wanted to go to the U. it was a real kicker for my cougar blue posting father. i'm not saying there aren't some true U fans from the uc but lets face it a lot of them are just trying to piss off their parents, right? i guess the same goes for salt lake county residents. they are mostly ute fans and it is kind of interesting when someone from "up north" likes the cougs. they must have had big time zoobie parents.

so there you have it "talkin' sports with angie. the cougs lost right?

Friday, November 07, 2008


no, i'm not going private, i'm too desperate for comments aka friends BUT i have to vent about the whole "private blog" thing. private blogger friends...don't stop reading and comment already about how it is better, i totally hear you. i don't have anything against private blogs and i understand that if you have a stalker or your kids are too cute they will be kidnapped the instant someone sees their picture...i totally understand. my beef is the message that you get when you try to log on to a private blog w/o and invite.....

"This blog is open to invited readers only. It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation."

is it just me or does this read kind of snotty? every time i read it the voice in my head is some high school cheerleader with a pretend concerned face and then after she reads it she looks at her friends and laughs. i know that google tries to have a "user-friendly" voice, but this is ridiculous. it might as well say this:

"um, yeah, it looks like your not on the list for this party, do you even know this person? seriously."

i didn't know that google used former teen movie screenwriters for their prompt writing. its either that or i have some deep rooted issue with not being invited to things. i must have had some traumatic event happen in my life that causes me to take such offense, wait, i know what it was-high school. all of it.

maybe it was more like junior high. if i go to hell it will be canyon view junior high everyday. i will wake up every morning discover zits on my forehead, cut bangs too short, slick them back with gel and then they will stick up for the rest of the day. i will then go to the after school dance and get asked to dance by some guy who shakes the whole time and leaves sweat marks on my waist from his nervous hands. my elementary friends will start ignoring me and i will pretend to have mono so i can go home for lunch everyday because i have no one to sit by.

oh my goodness, that last paragraph came so fast, i guess i really do have issues with not being invited. faking mono is hard. don't make me do it again private bloggers!


ps all in good fun

pps YES WE CAN!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a request....

dear friends,
i thought i would compose a list of things you are required to tell me. i promise to not take offense and will only love you more.
1. hanging booger- if i have any kind of substance dangling from my nose region tell me. you don't have to be subtle and wipe your own nose, just say "angie, there is a booger hanging out of your nose". i will be honest here and say i can't look at a person and take them seriously if they have a hanger. it can even be dead skin and i lose focus.
2. white zit-i pretty much don't even care if you reach over and pop it. there is nothing worse than coming home from some event with a big white zit on my face knowing that it has been staring its big white eye at everyone all day.
3. unzipped zipper-the other day i was out in our neighborhood greencourt (we share front yards here) with an unzipped zipper. no one told me! c'mon neighbors! i WANT you to be my friends and show me some help. i was totally putting my hands in my pockets exposing my underthings to little children!
that is all for now. friends don't let friends have hangers, white zits, or open flies.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

aunt lynda...

i remember the first time i met lynda clyde. it was in my parents basement. uncle bill brought her to meet the whole family and we all just sat there and stared at her. we were mostly in shock because it was the first girl bill had ever dared introduce to us and abby (my little sister) had just told her she knew her from heaven and that she had a fat face. to avoid any more awkwardness bill made a smart move and took my brother, sisters, and i on a hike. we hiked to the top of bridal veil falls and as we sat there looking at the beautiful scene lynda asked us to make a memory. to memorize the moment and never forget it my 10-year-old self thought that i had just met the coolest girl in the world. truth was, i did.
i am so glad my uncle married lynda. what a great choice. when they married i was only 10. she was always so great to me and being the oldest in my family she became like a big sister. after getting married and having my own kids i only admire her more. i love visiting her in monticello. if she isn't running 5 miles, teaching pilates, volunteering at the school, or helping her kids she is spoiling me by making my favorite chocolate chip cookies actually she does all of it at the same time. we like to call her the "crack" mom because she is amazing at doing it all. i love our sloth days. i will go down during the year and we will rent movies and do nothing. actually, i am the one that does nothing and she "pretends" to do nothing. i love visiting with her on the phone. she is a history major and i love our discussions. even though our ideas sometimes differ on things she respects my opinion and we don't get hung up on our differences. i always hang up the phone truly enlightened and feeling a little smarter. she always gives me the best book recommendations and i love to discuss them with her. she is so passionate about everything.
she also has such a great relationship with my uncle. they are best friends...truly a john and abigal.
lynda, i don't know if you read my blog but if you do i just want to thank you for being such a great aunt/friend. you have always been there for me and i am forever indebted to your friendship and auntship. i think abby was right, we did know you from heaven.
ps she also introduced me to arrested development....
pps bill isn't so bad either :)
this is a picture of us on the 24th this year. lynda is in the black and i am wearing the hat (note to self, you don't look good in hats...) isabella and millie (lynda's daughter) are dressed as pioneers (not polygamists) because lynda baked them 5 batches of cookies to sell to people at the parade. mother of the year.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

self-employed and it feels so good.

seth has finally decided to bite the bullet and do his own thing. this has been a long time coming. he will be doing all things construction (he can finish a basement, build a house, etc) and specialize in woodwork (finish work and cabinets), and building custom furniture. (you can see examples in the post below) he has started a blog and it will highlight a lot of his projects. i am so excited for him. he is so good at what he does. we just did some wainscot in our home and i couldn't handle how big of a perfectionist he is (you mean you don't just glob the putty on the nail holes?)-it really is a good thing. my house is absolutely beautiful right now and it is all do to his artistic talent. so feel free to hire him, refer him, put a link on your blog whatever...i will even throw in a free dinner if you hire or refer him, for seriousness (a treat for linking:)
check out the blog

ps this is one of my favorite projects he has ever done...he used the existing cabinets (they were that 90's light pink washed wood) and built new doors. he also did the trim work, built the island, built the handrail and installed the floor. i will post the "before" pics when i find them.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008


mad men.
i love it. do i suggest you go and watch it? absolutely not. you will no longer think that i am a wholesome person. it is definately pg-13-,people and full of sneaky, lying, adulturous characters and yet i am obsessed. what does this say about me? everything from the costumes, sets, actors down to the haunting dialogue and script-is hands down perfect. i feel like i am watching a play on television, if that makes sense. the first "real" play i ever saw was at BYU, i remembered making a connection later that plays don't have to "all tie up" like movies do. they leave you thinking, emotionally connected to actors you shouldn't even like or care about. i think these elements have become more alive in film now than they ever have been and now to see it on tv is a joy. if you do decide to give in and watch it know that you have to keep watching to truly understand the whole concept and feel of the series. you will either love it or hate will drive you mad!!!!!(that had to happen, you know it, it was either that or "i'm mad about mad men.")

so the cubs lost. i told seth that he just better realize that the cubs are never going to make it to the world series. they mentally can't get past the curse. he hates it when i talk sports. i sometimes purposly do it just to make him mad. because i love him to be a mad man. :) (it was too easy) no really, the cubs are never going to win, the end. like snl obama said, just pick a different team.

carson and the bee
carson came home from school yesterday with a big movie sized box of sour skittles. seth asked him who gave him that and he shrugged and said, "i won the first grade spelling bee". i didn't really beleive him so i called his teacher and sure enough he was telling the truth. he won on the word, "secret". needless to say we are super proud of him and are starting to practice for the national spelling bee...okay the last part is a lie but maybe we should put him in a school for kids who read good. he could be this kid someday....

we all can dream can't we?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

angie is wondering if she should still be on facebook

(should i make this my profile pic? i think abby and i look hot. and that's the point of the profile picture, right?)
my name is angie king and i joined facebook 6 months ago. is it weird that i am kind of embarrassed about that? is "facebook" just a euphemism of "myspace"? when people ask me about facebook i say that it is the classy version of myspace, at least it makes me feel better inside. i say i joined because i wanted to stalk my brother and sisters. sam was dating some girl at the time and my mom wanted to spy on them by reading their "walls". a wall (for you non-facebookers) is on your home page and people write witty comments to you. it kind is obnoxious sometimes as it reminds of when people talk really loud on their cell phones in public places so you know how funny/cool their life is....for example: "I haven't seen you since High School? How's life? My husband is a Lawyer now and we just bought our first home, took our kids to Disneyland, and after went straight to Hawaii, we are busy!" the wall seems either braggy or just tons of inside jokes between people BUT like graffiti on a "wall" it is amazingly fun to read what people say to each other. seth joined soon after me and a competition to see who has the most friends began. i would like to announce that i am winning! i have 10 more friends than seth. take that husband! i am more popular than you! facebook proves it! the feature that most confuses me is the "poke" feature. you can "poke" any of your friends. what the hell does that mean? i don't know about you guys but i saw the musical les miserables when i was 12 and that word is used and i had a long and uncomfortable talk with my parents about it. let's hope the young kids now days don't know the "les mis" meaning. overall facebook has been a fun experience. i have reconnected with lots of high school friends and get to see how they are doing on a daily basis...on everyone's profile it will say "Angie______" and you fill in the blank with something like, "Angie is so happy she finished 3 loads of laundry!" that might not be the coolest thing to say but its just an example. I love it when people say, "Jane is really needing to loose 10 pounds!" then "jane" gets lots of notes on her wall telling her how skinny she is. it is a great thing to do if you need to boost your self-esteem. my favorite facebook moment however though was receiving a personal message (not on my wall) from a friend i hadn't talked to in awhile telling me she didn't want to be my friend anymore because i am not very supportive. i wrote her an apology and haven't heard back...does that mean she isn't my friend anymore? should i take her off my friend list? i am still on hers...oh what to do? facebook drama begins. angie is thinking she didn't sign up for this.

ps the synder family (travis) wrote a great post about profile pictures about a year ago...i would link to it but lack the skills.
pps is my new name to cheesy?

Monday, September 15, 2008

bosom friends

"Kindred Spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. Its splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world." Anne, Anne of Green Gables

when i first saw sarah pallin i knew that tina fey would do something about it. why did i know? because we are kindred spirits. best friends who don't know each other, if you will. i am sure upon our meeting that we would be instant friends with inside jokes and all. she wouldn't see me as a crazed fan but a peer to hang out with, gnos, comments on each others blogs, we would be besties (that's the cool new way to say best friends). she would bounce writing ideas off me, use some of mine-the whole nine yards. i think that is why she hangs out so much with amy poehler her subconscious is looking for me (amy and i look alike according to some).

oh tina-thanks for being funny. the opening snl skit was funny with a capital f, even though i don't capitalize. please watch it my friends, support tina's work. republican and democrat can all join hands and unite in laughter at the sheer brilliance of it. thanks bff.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


we just found out that isabella has been cast as tinkerbell in our community theater's production of "Peter Pan"!!! she couldn't be more excited and neither can i. stage moms rule!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

happy birthday husband

(warning: do not read if you get jealous easily)

today is your birthday and here is your tribute. this is a custom on blogger to write a lengthy tribute to your spouse on their birthday. when my friends "tribute" their signifigant others i usually stop reading at about this point (sorry friends) and write some lame comment like, "you guys were meant 2 B" or what not. the rest of this post is most likely for "our eyes only", i wish to say that romantically but i think reading about others personal lives can sometimes be boring.
thank you for the good times. last week you took me to chicago and we had a blast. sitting at the cubs game became an emotional experience for me. it was so great watching you watch the sport you love. wrigley field is amazing with its nostalgic feel. you are like wrigley to me, you only get better as you get older and we experience life together.
thank you for embracing my quirks.
thank you for being patient. life started really fast for us and you rolled up your sleeves and made it work. you are the best dad in the world and i love that our kids jump up and down when you get home.
thank you for laughing at my jokes and making me laugh. i know that i am not really that funny but you make me feel like i am. you laugh at the michael phelps joke everytime i tell it, even though you don't think its funny.
thank you for being handsome. i married for looks, its the truth.
thank you for being creative. not every woman can say that 99% of her furniture is built by her husband.
i love you...have a fan-tabulous birthday.
your wife

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i am cliche.

cliche (from French, pronounced [klɪ'ʃe]) is a phrase, expression, or idea that has been overused to the point of losing its intended force or novelty, especially when at some time it was considered distinctively forceful or novel. The term is most likely to be used in a negative context.

i have realized lately that i am cliche. this is something i have never wanted to be but i have realized that i can't help it, it is who i am. i am generic and there is nothing i can do about it! am i upset? no. surprised? kind of. do i feel bad when i read cathy cartoons and relate? yes. do i feel bad when i laugh at the cathy cartoons? no, just embarrassed. i notice it the most when i fill out a "tag" or "getting to know you" form. i know you are trying to defend me thinking, i can't be friends with someone so bland, but its true. my name is angela king and i am just like everyone in the world. here goes:
1. i like chocolate (just like "the cath")
2. i like shopping
3. i like chic flicks
4. i like edward
5. i have a blog
6. i want my house to look like pottery barn
7. i want to be skinny
8. i hate working out
9. my hobbies include going to movies...and?
10. i have been watching the Olympics non stop
11. i wish i could shop exclusively at anthro.
12. i shop exclusively at target.
the list goes on and on. what can i do to change it? nothing. why would i feel bad that i am just like everybody else? everybody else is awesome. so i WILL eat chocolate, i WILL have a blog, i WILL shop at target and i WILL be cliche. i don't think there is anything "negative" about it. it just means i have good taste, right?

Monday, August 04, 2008

heidi snyder is a photography genius

dear heidi,
you should be a professional. i can't beleive how great these pictures are. my kids had just been swimming, not bathed, looked homeless and you get shots like these. i know i have mom goggles, but have talent! don't be surprised when i show up at your house in the next little while with my kids all dressed up.
you are the best.

Friday, August 01, 2008


so i know a big burning question a lot of us have floating in our minds is, "why would our dear christian bale hurt his mother* the circus performer?" well i think it is time for me to confess. let's rewind in time to 3 years ago. i was 6 months-ish pregnant and we were in london (because we are world travelers like that and that's how we roll) and we had just finished visiting st. pauls cathedral. janice (seth's mom) had given us a rousing rendition of "feed the birds" and we were walking to the tube station. we were walking through an empty courtyard when there all in black i saw him. christian (yes, bale) was sitting on a bench in the center of the courtyard wearing a black trench coat and dark suit. he was in town because it was the premiere weekend for "batman begins". his eyes were dark and cold and i wanted to run and get his autograph and picture but he looked at me as if to say, "the attention it would draw would be too much for me now". now i know that isn't what he meant. i think the reason he is so frustrated with life is because he cannot forget me. i just want to publicly apologize to christian for the memory of me that has been tormenting him through these past 3 years. i have read how it has affected him on set and with his personal life. christian, if you are reading this please know that i think you are a phenomenal actor and extremely handsome but i LOVE my husband and children. you will never be seth. please understand and stop the anger. serenity now, my friend.

*i do not condone violence in anyway.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

thank you for commenting

i admit, i love comments from my peeps. it makes me feel good. as a reward anyone who commented on my last post is going to receive a free angie's celeb look-alike. calm down. i know...totally exciting. if you know me i am always matching people to stars they look like. please don't be offended, i don't have a single friend who isn't absolutely gorgeous and way prettier than the real stars. this is just for fun.


the 5 years ago version.


your welcome.

mags (there are 3 for you)

for those who don't watch the mtv-allie stockton from newport beach, the real oc. it was uncanny. i drove seth nuts asking him to watch and tell me if he thought she looked like mags.
i can't find this one but it is another mtv is the contestant "lauren" from "the search for elle woods". abby
agrees with this one.

maybe it is because your husband is so much like tom. i get them confused all the time. their personalities are so much alike.


identical twins.


(she's tom cruise's wife in mission impossible 3)

the spirited 6

she's even wearing your outfit!




everytime i watch the hills i feel like katie has a secret life. i'm telling sean about brody. enough lies!


i am glad you have better taste in husbands :) seal is talented, but seriously?


will you please do your hair like this for the big parade on the 24th?

california roneys'



i should just put a picture of you because you are a famous actress...

seth-he didn't comment, but he SHOULD!

thank you. sorry that i published before i was finished those of you with google reader....

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

10 reasons i'm not as cool as you think.

honesty in blogging is a big thing for me. sometimes it is hard to read all about everyone's amazing lives. sometimes it helps me feel normal when i read a post about how someone's kid pooped on the carpet (thanks patience) or when someone's kid wears 10 pair of underoos and carries a purse (you know it, trisdan) or when you have to literally run the stress away (mags) and all sorts of crazy house shenanigans (basement flooding-meg)....because i like it so much i decided i would post about things that are maybe not post-worthy but to show that i am not as amazing with my kids and home life as you all think. its a shocker, i know.

1. my kids are at my neighbors house and it is past dinnertime and i am not really worried about them staying another hour.
2. i went to the splash pool today for 4 hours and only applied sunscreen once (on my kids).
3. i didn't wear any sunscreen today.
4. i watch mtv after my kids go to bed. ("legally blonde, the search for elle woods" has taken over my life)
5. i have an ingrown hair on my neck that is ugly and huge...okay fine, its not an ingrown hair, its a zit.
6. i didn't like wall*e. i read a review that said the only people who wouldn't like it would be those who listen to rush limbaugh. i just hated how it felt like a movie robots made about how fat, lazy, and stupid humans are. i am all about recycling and saving the earth but i guess this means i have to vote for mcain. (just kidding)
7. i have kept sophie's hair in the same ponytails since sunday.
8. i didn't make dinner.
9. i showered at 4 o'clock pm today.
10.our basement is flooding (just a little bit) we have a drip somewhere that needs to be fixed.
11. carson was violent at the splash pool today...(sorry dawn and paigey)
last and probably the best:
12.sophia just felt my tummy and said, "mommy, you have a baby in your tummy". its not true. really its not. she doesn't believe me either.
i am not posting this so you all will tell me that i am an awesome mom, i know i am. i just wanted to make sure that this mom sets the bar low sometimes and that's okay.

love ya forever.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


i had a really weird dream last night. i was audtioning for the musical legally blonde (the audtions were at a church:) and you were directing. i nailed the song, i was by far the best choice, and you didn't cast me. i was so angry at you. i woke up this morning and realized what today is. i have stopped dreaming about you. now you are back. i wish it was for real, even though you didn't cast me. love you. wish you were here to hold my babies, tell me you're proud, talk about how proud we are of little nat and adopt my "orphan" husband. add this to your endless tributes on "your" day.

ps thanks jake, i stole your picture

Saturday, May 03, 2008

i am the new miss manners

after an email i received the other day i realized that it is time to talk about "email manners". what is that you ask? why am i the one with the authority? just go to the harmon's on bangerter and 114th. harmon's sponsors our school and bella's second grade class made a big poster and each of the children wrote what their mom's are good at. bella wrote that i am "good at going on the computer". nice. mom of the year award goes to me. so here goes "email manners".
2. keep your emails informal. when emails are formal it reads really stiff and funny. i have received emails from people and they say things like this-"Hello everyone. We want everyone to know that we are moving. Please pass the word along". instead it should have a casual voice. avoid words and phrases like, "Attention", "Sincerely yours"....
3. don't forward things for the sake of forwarding. pick and choose your forwards. think about what they may say about you. do you really want people to know you are voting for the senator from arizona? do you want people to think you believe in magic? it really says more about you than you think.
4. pictures. remember that not everyone has the fastest computer on the block. slow down the pictures and the sizes of the pictures, make sure they are rotated. (on a side note, make sure when you send "post birth" pictures via email or text that all things are covered you don't want to be known as the nippler in your ward or among friends :)
5. an email brightens everyone's day even if you haven't talked to that particular friend in awhile. emails are like presents, especially to this computer mom.

ps go see baby mama....funny, funny, funny. our friends saw the movie and said that i remind them of amy long as that is not based on the white trash character she plays in the movie that is a compliment. now with me looking like amy, tatum (my sister) looking like Rachel Dratch, my dad looking like chevy chase, we are a regular snl family.

Friday, April 25, 2008

there are 3 new posts

just a little heads up that there are 3 new posts and i am expecting you to comment on ALL of them. here are some sample sentences you can copy and paste:

Angie- how cute are you? you are the best mom ever.

your kids are so cute, they look like their mom for sure.

you are so funny, i love reading your blog and finding out about all the cool things you do as a family. i wish we were just like you guys.

you are the greatest mom in the whole world.

seth is the luckiest husband ever.

your kids are the luckiest kids ever...

the king family rules!

etc. etc. etc.

You know I'm a kidder.

st. george "england" style

right after bella's baptism we (just the kids and mom) headed to st. george to stay in our friend's parent's house. we had a b l a s t blast.....
sophie is a fish

,bella is a daredevil, (there are enough picutres of bella from the post before)
and carson loves the ho' tub.

good times were had by all. (some of the kids asleep after watching a movie...awwww this is what "Yearning for Zion" might be like. (sorry, bad joke)

thanks ashley for inviting us!
this is a view from the pool...seth is jealous.

the month of isabella

it has been a huge month for our eldest. she started off the month with a dance competition (sorry abi, they wouldn't let us video tape:( she loves dance. not to get up on the soap box but her studio, Studio 1 is pretty much the best studio in the world. i have always felt this way about the studio but the competition only confirmed my feelings. we saw so many mom's yelling at their girls, the dance teachers, etc. that it made me so grateful for the way our studio is run. thank you thank you thank you natalie and nicole for helping my daughter love dance and to HAVE FUN! i can't wait to get video of her dances because they are amazing and I am so proud of her and grateful that i married a man with coordination because with my faces and seth's athletic skills she's gonna be a star :)

nextly, bella was baptized. it was a great day....she was baptized on her birthday just like i was. i am so proud of her and her decision. on a side note i think seth has started a much needed trend of wearing your temple clothes instead of the jumpsuit for the baptism, i know it is silly that i am even writing about this, but doesn't it look better?

lastly, bella did a super job on her great brain project on Germany. doesn't she look like her name should be gretel von hamburger? just kidding. thanks seth again for your artistic talents with the poster...we all know what it would look like if i helped....

isn't she amazing? aren't we the best parents ever? i know your impressed with my post. mother of the year award goes to ME!!!!