Monday, December 31, 2007

do you think we will win?

my friend jeanine ( asked me why my family christmas card didn't include me and husband seth and if i chose to opt out because i was prego. no i'm not prego, just a food baby (on a side note saw juno and loved it, but a little advice, don't see it with your brother sam said after the movie, "i'm just going to walk out of the theater, look at mom and dad, and pretend this movie never happened). anywho the reason the picture doesn't include the parents of the family is because CHRISTMAS PICTURES THIS YEAR WERE A MAJOR FIASCO!!!! first off we tried the whole family when seth's mom got her family pictures on thanksgiving. seth's mom is dating now and it kind of made the picture thing a huge stress because new boyfriend was in the family picture and it just set us off. lets just say seth's face isn't happy. then no one told me i had 5 feet of regrowth and that i looked like a lion. also truth be told the king family dancers look like cancer patients in the winter. its not like i want to look umpa loompa orange but seriously we look like a ghost took our picture. i must say the photographer was awesome we just weren't the best subjects. so after seeing the proofs i decided i would take my kids picture in the "daybreak sled". our community has "santa's sled" and if you take a christmas card picture there you can enter the photo in a contest...
do you think we will win?

we're a shoe in i know...bella my oldest and should be the one to cooperate was too cold so we had to take pictures in our beautiful house i mean a model home across the street so enjoy these pictures in the model home...

despite the horrible christmas card experience we had a fabulous christmas....the kids were excited, the presents were perfect (seth made bella the most amazing desk) was tons of fun and great to actually see seth. he is so busy. he is busy with his regular hours job at okland and then busy with his business he is starting with former teammate and friend casey cloward. they are starting a residential construction/remodeling if anyone needs trimwork, cabinetry, you name it-they do it and they are amazing if i do say so myself. the are both perfectionists and very talented. seth dedicated the country song "please come home for christmas" to the kids. we love him and are so grateful for his hardwork....merry christmakah to all!
ps did anyone watch the grinch this season? i am either getting nerdier or crazy b/c it was so hilarious. why didn't i laugh so much the first time i saw it?
pps also the first picture is of bella and bff ella.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

merry christmas

this is a picture of my cutest little cousin katie....
love it!

Friday, December 07, 2007

birthday tribute

This has been a long time coming. This post has been in my mind from the beginning but it has been a difficult one to transfer to my keyboard. Today is one of my dearest friend's birthday. The fact that she is one of my dearest friends is the reason this post is happening so late. When she passed away 2 1/2 years ago there was such an outpouring of love-things written and things said that I felt lost in the background, in the ensemble if you will, but I should have done this sooner. So- on her birthday this year I will remember what she always told me, "there are no small parts, just small actors" and give my tribute to her. I remember my first experience meeting the infamous "Sydney Riggs". I was in the horribly awkward junior high years searching for my destiny. It seemed kismet that the Scera Shell would be producing the show, "Meet Me in St. Louis" with a part just for me! I dragged my sister to the OHS lunchroom and sang my heart out. We were both so happy to be called back. I felt like I did really well but to my disappointment I wasn't cast, she REJECTED me. Even worse my sister was cast. I remember going to the rehearsals with Tatum and watching Syd at work (in black sweats, btw, in JULY!). She was so patient with Tatum and made her feel so good about herself. I knew that I would work with her again and committed myself to being cast the next time we met. I didn't see Syd again until High School. I signed up for the optional B5 class of Musical Theater. Alan Sackett and I became instant friends and it was very convenient because he was/is and amazing accompanist. Alan and I would go to the piano during free time and sing our hearts out until she noticed. I will never forget her walking up to me while singing, "The Sun in the Morning" and telling me I had gotten a lot better from the last time she saw me. She was so lovely when it came to compliments. She didn't just hand them out all the time, even if you deserved it. They were well calculated from a teaching perspective to give the you the will to continue and the confidence to suceed. I don't know if she did this on purpose, but as she would say, it was brilliant! High School had its ups and downs but all of the ups for me happened in theater. My "drama" experience for lack of better words was magical. So many great friends, so many amazing memories and opportunities....Syd made everything important. We weren't just high school students to her, we were her friends. She saved me. All of my close "hang out" friends were a year older than me and when they graduated I felt completely alone. Syd sensed this and had me sign up to be her TA right before lunch time. I remember that first scary day of school my Senior year when I thought I might have to eat alone. The bell rang and she turned to me and asked where I wanted to go for lunch. She didn't have to say anything to make it all better. This gift of being my friend when I felt alone was the greatest she gave me. It wasn't a lead, or being her "favorite" in high school as some might say, it was her innate awareness of what I needed. She not only sheltered me from the storm but found others to be my friends and for that I am grateful beyond measure. A lot of people in high school might call me a drama cheerleader. I would make up really lame, but cool, cheers for drama and we would all do them. Syd was my life cheerleader. Everything I did she was completely supportive and happy for me. I remember that she loved Seth. I think the german won her over, but it meant a lot to me. She also was so sweet and kind about my kids. I would take them to her classroom and she would give them treats and let them color all over. She would put their pictures on her desk and she was proud of them. I loved that. My favorite memory though was when we were in "Fiddler on the Roof", I played Hodel and she played my mom, Golde. (No Nate, its not the laughing memory, even though I won't forget coming back stage and her saying, "What the hell was that?) There is a sequence where Tevye, the father, is "singing" about his family. It sounds cheesy but it began with Golde (Syd) and the three daughters holding hands and and going around in a circle. Syd would look at us, her daughters, so thoughtfully and her face so loving and reflective. When she looked at me though, she wasn't acting and I will never forget it.
The last time I talked to her was the day after I got home from Europe. She as always was so sweet to talk about ME the whole time and gush about my trip. When we were in London we saw Billy Elliott on her recommendation and couldn't wait to talk about the show. I also had some gifts for her and we arranged for Seth and I to come over that next Sunday night. She died on Saturday.
Happy Birthday Syd.
I love you.
Angie Boyle King (cause that's what you called me:)
ps thx to Heather for the pic