Thursday, May 14, 2009


LOST-wtc was that?  at the ending i didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or just throw things at the television.  i usually love the "relationship" parts but i hated how they made all of the motivation b/c of "love".  stupid.  but you know i will be watching the last season faithfully.  can't give up now :).  ps-if i could be one character on "lost" it would be juliet, even with the mom jeans.  

"You're Fired"-i got released from my church calling this week.  i was serving in the primary presidency and not to brag we have around 270 kids in our ward.  it was so crazy and amazing.  i really am going to miss it.  this is the first calling that i have been really bummed about being over.  i loved the kids, sundays, and especially the girls i served with.  dawn meehan gets mentioned in church every sunday for a reason....

ENGAGEMENT-abby (my little sister) is engaged to peter fuller.  they are getting married at the end of July (just in time for my post pregnant hotness).  i am really excited for them, they are a cute couple.

THOUGHTS-i have been thinking a lot lately about how friends/people change throughout the course of life.  men especially.  i think men get to a certain age where the only way they feel they can compare themselves is success.  they can no longer compete in foot races so they sit around and talk about how "awesome" they are and how "awesome" their jobs are, etc.  i have always been that girl who didn't have a lot of girlfriends growing up....i just wasn't good at keeping/making friends (too much work) but now i totally prefer the way women interact with each other.  we aren't afraid to talk about the good and the bad.  its not that i prefer people who sit and talk about the crappy things in going on in their lives, i just like "real" thoughts and issues.  girl power!!!!

HAIR-my hair is currently brown, should i go blond again?  (natalie k. hill-i know what your answer is)...i promise i won't go too blonde, just a few highlights?

10 years-i can't believe that may 22 marks my 10-year-anniversary!!!  thinking back to my "child bride" days it seems so long ago but then not really.  i am really lucky that i married the most awesome handsome human on the universe.  he has always given me whatever i want, what can i say, you should be jealous.  seth=perfect.


Friday, May 01, 2009

i'm so sorry (to my 2 fans, including my mom)...

...for the lack of posts lately. i really need to do it more often for so many reasons. i love to vent and it is good journal writing. i am officially 32 weeks pregnant and feeling large and special. i think my favorite thing about being pregnant is when my nose starts to spread out on my face..aka "swell". i hate yet again being "cliche" and complaining about pregnancy but that is the stage i am in so i might as well embrace it and whine it up. carson told me to not sit in a chair the other day because "you might break it". he was really sincere and concerned for the chair and me.
enough prego talk i am so grateful that today is may 1 and no snow is on the ground. it is amazing what a little sunshine does for the soul. we have been really busy lately running our kids to dance and baseball games. i feel like seth and i are entering into the stage where we don't really see each other any more...kind of sad but i know we will look back and miss these days.
amazing friend natalie k. hill is starring in miss saigon at pioneer theater. she is fabulous. she was kind enough to give seth and i tickets to a dress rehearsal and i recommend it to all. i will be attending again. (please note that it is a PG-13 musical).
last but not least i was told the other day that someone thinks that seth and i think we are "too cool" to hang out with certain people. for reals people. part of me wants to write a big ol' post about why this is the stupidest thing i have ever heard, but mostly i can't believe people have time to analyze friends. wow. i guess this is where i socially fall short. as a married couple i think seth and i have kind of a "whatever" approach. if we can get together we get together with other couples, if not no big deal, we do a lot by ourselves. i absolutely LOVE our friends but our relationship comes first. i don't get offended if i'm not invited to so and so's party or outing, no big deal.

ps "lost" has lost me, even though i am waiting on the edge of my seat i really don't think the writers know where they are going and they are totally shooting from the hip. AND if i am matthew fox i hate the writers...his character is sooooooooooooo lame this season.