Monday, December 08, 2008

is this cute or scary?

so sophia had a pretend gun the other day (maybe that is the problem, why do we have pretend guns, seth?) and she pointed it at carson's head and said, "you're gonna die freak." worse than what she said i immediately called seth to tell him how cute and funny our 3-year-old is. as i contemplated the exchange i realized that maybe i am the problem. i shouldn't think that is funny. i should wash her mouth out with soap, but instead i laugh, call dad, and give her a hug and a cookie. i then go to my room, smile on my face, and write a journal entry about it. i can't help it even now as i think about it i am smiling and laughing. in a few years i will be writing a post about how adorable it is that she is swearing all the time. :) just kidding. (but not about the gun part.)

ps does anyone want to schedule a playdate with sophie?