Thursday, February 26, 2009

it has been forever! i have no excuses except for the fact that absolutely hate the months of january and february!!!! i hate snow and cold, makes me sad. i am back and i really miss venting my issues and telling all about my amazing children, as i am sure people are longing to read my words about my fabulous life. i thought i would just give a reader's digest version about what i have been doing/thinking lately:

-the economy-i know that most people are sick of talking about this but my head is exploding thinking about it. right now it is almost sick how much i "enjoy" observing the history that is taking place (next year when i am living in a "hooverville" i will hate myself for saying that.) it is interesting to see the different reactions of people and evaluate all of the decisions being made. i think that President Obama is amazing to listen too. he is truly inspiring. let's all cross our fingers that his plan works for our country.

-we have been "off-track" with school the past 3 weeks. bella and carson just went back monday and i got more done that day than any other day in the past 3 weeks.

-this is random but i have been thinking a lot about multi-level-marketing. when i was in new york natalie and i went to a "chocolate party" with the real housewives of nyc. it was fun to meet jill zahran and others but as we watched the video full of people from utah who are "super successful" with this particular company i wondered what makes utah so susceptible to this form of business...get rich quick? working from home?....truly believing in the product?...its hard to say although i fear that as we head deeper into this recession these kinds of businesses will thrive off those who are desperate. if the product is so awesome, sell it at the store.

-isabella is major competitive. she had her first competition for dance last weekend and didn't get a first place but a second place for one of her team dances. to be honest i don't feel very competitive at these events but bella is intense. i am proud of her but see so much of her dad in her as she prepares to "win it all" at the next one. (ps, can't say enough about bella's studio...they just know how to run a well-rounded fantastic studio)

-we are having a boy!!! little hans william is due to arrive on July 5 if all goes well. i feel like i am getting huge! okay, i don't just feel, i AM getting huge. i just can't stop eating and every morning i wake up and bella laughs and tells me i am bigger...i guess i just expected this pregnancy to be like sophia's (i only gained 17 lbs, but don't be jealous, i never lost it)...not so. i am terrified of the scales for my appointment next week. overall, i am just hopeful that everything will go okay and thrilled that carson will have a little brother.

-i participated in a scholarship concert for my high school drama teacher and friend, syd riggs this month. it was a great much fun to see old friends and new ones to celebrate this fabulous woman and raise some cash. it was eye opening to be one of the "older" people in the cast....wearing the little red costume pregnant and having the cinderella be 7 years younger than me also really made me stretch my rusty acting chops...good times.

-lost-i am totally in suspense with all the craziness on this show. i have also been looking at "nerd" websites reading different theories. its fun.

that is all.


*photo by the incredible nicole hill gerulat