Thursday, January 25, 2007


Dear Jennifer Hudson,
I would first like to congratulate you on your recent Golden Globe Award and your Oscar Nomination. Congratulations! Like your character in the movie you have come from behind to upstage the film. Although I haven't seen it I have only heard rave reviews and praise for your tear-jerking performance. That being said I want to give you some advice. Stop knocking American Idol. We all know that you were kicked off and that Simon told you that you would never go far. Simon can be rude and harsh but I am here to tell you that I agree with him. Let's look at the facts: You are now receiving acclamation for an "acting" role. Sure you sang an amazing ballad that Rosie gave a standing ovation to but that my friend does not make you an "American Idol". I would never buy a Jennifer Hudson album and neither would the rest of the world. Your character, Effie, in Dreamgirls is the classic underdog-of course everyone loves your performance-the message of Dreamgirls would be ruined if we walked away glad that Beyonce one-uped you in our hearts. So Miss Hudson, Congrats. Enjoy this moment, stop trashing Simon, because he is ALWAYS right, don't burn your bridges now.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Yesterday Seth was babysitting* the kids. He was in the basement and came upstairs to the kitchen and found Carson and his friend Isaac eating. "What are you guys eating?" he asked.
"Ice cream and chicken nuggets", Carson and friend happily replied.
Seth then turned on the lights to discover that they had dished up their own ice cream and in their little hands like candy bars were frozen breaded RAW chicken. They were just nibbling away. Seth then called me and I called poison control and they gave me the low down that it was probably okay because the chicken was most likely extremely processed.
We made it through the night without vomiting so Carson should be okay-but I am not okay. Are you kidding me? RAW FROZEN CHICKEN?!?!? Two of those words are disgusting alone but all together they group one of the most disgusting combos I have ever heard of. Seth saved the chicken for me to look at and it seriously looked like some deprived rodent broke into the freezer and started biting away at the first item of food available. I think of that scenario mainly because what other than a rodent would do such a thing? This experience will stand alone as probably the most disgusting display I can think of. Just the thought of biting through the breaded frozen tundra makes me want to vomit. I just hope this isn't a reflection of my cooking....

*I love how we call it "babysitting" when Seth is with the kids. That needs to change.

Mac Photo Booth

We are obsessed with our iMac Photo Booth. As embarrassing as it is to admit it: IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!! We are constantly taking crazy pictures and feels just like being at Kmart photo booth minus the 1$ price and the smell. My son Carson has taken it to a new level. I will open it up and he will have taken hundreds of pictures of himself. Serious poses, candids, monster faces-you name it. It is the most used application on the computer. Go apple!