Tuesday, October 06, 2009

ode to dawn

no, its not your birthday, but i wanted to express how grateful i am for your friendship! thank you for the 30 days of birthday (yes people, she has given me a present everyday for the past 30 days for my birthday! everything from awesome choppers and cooking supplies to amazing bread, applesauce and cupcakes! ) you are an amazing example and i love you much :)
D-Determined, she helps EVERYONE until the job is done. she makes goals and changes in her life and sticks through to the end. (I also wanted to write "Deseret Houswives" b/c she is funny, inside joke)
A-AMAZING. i know that is a pretty generic adjective but she really is the most amazing person. 4 kids, 2 foster kids, 4+ pets, professor at the y, cook of the year...the list goes on.
W-Willing. someone could call her at the 3 in the morning and she would do whatever was needed to help.
N-Natural. she is such a "natural" at everything she does and tries. she learns something and not only can do it but she can do it the best....
i know how much you love being publicly thanked :) but thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
your friend you can't text,