Saturday, July 10, 2010


something seth and i love to do is discuss sports. not really. the teaser in me actually does like to ask seth sports questions. it drives him nuts. i am amazed with the amount of baseball i have watched and still there are things i don't know. for example, i learned the other day that the phrase, "you won the yankees" is incorrect the correct phrase is, "you BEAT the yankees". seth explained the reasoning is that if carson's team "won" the yankees, we would need a bigger car to bring the team of 8-year-olds home. makes sense. it really got me thinking about the motivation teams would have if they really did "win" the players. not just on a little league level but imagine on a professional level-in any sport. say that if a team "won" the lakers you could choose a player from the lakers to be on your team...mind blowing.

Monday, July 05, 2010

look away crazies! i'm not private anymore!

so i'm not going to have a private blog anymore. there is only one reason. i am currently at my sweet grandma boyle's house and she wants to see my blog and this is the best way. wish me luck.