Saturday, April 10, 2010


its going to fast! isabella turns 10 on monday! needless to say, i am beside myself. i can't imagine how fast the next ten years will go by and then she will be...don't even say it. life is crazy that way. i was looking at my baby today and he is starting to look like a toddler and i just wanted to cry. i just feel like i can't keep up, ya know? i feel like if i blink i will miss it all. i really need to be better about slowing down and enjoying every moment.
today we went to "how to train your dragon" for the second time. i am not a second time kind of girl. i don't re-read books or re-watch movies (only "she's the man") but this movie is really special. i am so amazed by the writers who crank this stuff out. how would it be to have THAT story in your head? i love to write and would love to write a story but i think i must be on the editorial side because the only stories i can think of are already written...i would just tweek them and re-write them.
i love thinking about my ideas for books/stories because i crack myself up. not because they are hilarious ideas but because they are horrible ideas. i could write a really good book with the narrator being an old grandma who gets annoyed by teenagers. hahaha....seriously that is all that i can think of and i think that is funny-not in a "pity me, i don't have any ideas way" but a "i can't believe i can't get some kind of crazy mythical character in some exotic land idea." i just don't imagine things that aren't real, make sense? i don't have dreams with flying pigs and rainbows-i dream about real people in real situations.
some people have nightmares about monsters. i have nightmares about living in nazi germany and escaping the holocaust. seth always ruins it and we get caught because he gets mouthy at the border. horrible, right?
i never remember my good dreams, probably because they are just repeats of my day..(get it? i "live" my dreams haha...) no seriously my realistic brain does not produce a dr. mcsteamy prince for me.
there are worse things in life, i guess. my baby daughter could be turning 10.