Thursday, June 11, 2009

great. photographer.

so sister abby is engaged and my friend shelby graciously accepted to take her engagement pictures. can we just say "amazing". abby and peter came up to my house thinking that their session would be canceled b/c it was rainy but shelby took them out anyway. here's the scene: impromptu pictures+unplanned clothes/make-up+limited time (peter is a huge lakers fan and had to see the game)= INCREDIBLE pictures. they could choose any of them and be totally happy. shelby is brillant, brillant, brillant. check them out and her blog i completely recommend. she will be taking care of all the king family picture needs from here on out.

ps pregnancy news: i measured small at my appointment. let's clarify, my uterus measured small i am huge. i had to go get an ultrasound and i measured big for my ultrasound. 33 weeks for my doctors measurement and 38 1/2 weeks for the ultrasound. crazy. they also took some more creepy/amazing 3-d pics and he looks a lot like carson but with tons of hair. i'll believe the hair when i see it. wish me luck and patience!