Friday, April 25, 2008

there are 3 new posts

just a little heads up that there are 3 new posts and i am expecting you to comment on ALL of them. here are some sample sentences you can copy and paste:

Angie- how cute are you? you are the best mom ever.

your kids are so cute, they look like their mom for sure.

you are so funny, i love reading your blog and finding out about all the cool things you do as a family. i wish we were just like you guys.

you are the greatest mom in the whole world.

seth is the luckiest husband ever.

your kids are the luckiest kids ever...

the king family rules!

etc. etc. etc.

You know I'm a kidder.

st. george "england" style

right after bella's baptism we (just the kids and mom) headed to st. george to stay in our friend's parent's house. we had a b l a s t blast.....
sophie is a fish

,bella is a daredevil, (there are enough picutres of bella from the post before)
and carson loves the ho' tub.

good times were had by all. (some of the kids asleep after watching a movie...awwww this is what "Yearning for Zion" might be like. (sorry, bad joke)

thanks ashley for inviting us!
this is a view from the pool...seth is jealous.

the month of isabella

it has been a huge month for our eldest. she started off the month with a dance competition (sorry abi, they wouldn't let us video tape:( she loves dance. not to get up on the soap box but her studio, Studio 1 is pretty much the best studio in the world. i have always felt this way about the studio but the competition only confirmed my feelings. we saw so many mom's yelling at their girls, the dance teachers, etc. that it made me so grateful for the way our studio is run. thank you thank you thank you natalie and nicole for helping my daughter love dance and to HAVE FUN! i can't wait to get video of her dances because they are amazing and I am so proud of her and grateful that i married a man with coordination because with my faces and seth's athletic skills she's gonna be a star :)

nextly, bella was baptized. it was a great day....she was baptized on her birthday just like i was. i am so proud of her and her decision. on a side note i think seth has started a much needed trend of wearing your temple clothes instead of the jumpsuit for the baptism, i know it is silly that i am even writing about this, but doesn't it look better?

lastly, bella did a super job on her great brain project on Germany. doesn't she look like her name should be gretel von hamburger? just kidding. thanks seth again for your artistic talents with the poster...we all know what it would look like if i helped....

isn't she amazing? aren't we the best parents ever? i know your impressed with my post. mother of the year award goes to ME!!!!

utah's salt creek

when we briefly lived in the lovely state of california we were introduced to our favorite beach in the world, salt creek. (thanks coles family :) We loved it so much that when my uncle bill and aunt lynda went on vacation to the county of orange we made them promise to go there. they loved it as much as we did and to thank us introduced us to utah's salt creek in canyonlands. we had such a great time.....jeeping in the 14 year old explorer, praying that it would make it up elephant hill, realizing all the money we could make entering Bill into jeeping contests (he is AMAZING off-road and he only has one arm to boot), fabulous deeply needed talks around the campfire, camping in a cave, easter egg hunting in the sand, hiking "the cracks", making about a million hiking ropes course analogies.....Thank you so much Bill Boyle family! We love you guys so much!

Monday, April 21, 2008

these lyrics speak to me

Isabella had a dance competition a few weeks ago and the Junior Company at her studio performed a modern/lyrical dance to these lyrics. I found myself crying by the end. The performance itself was AMAZING but it was the lyrics of the song that really got to me. I don't know much about the origins of the song other than it is performed by Emily Rossum, who played Christine, in the movie version of Phantom of the Opera. It kind of has an enya/efy/christian feel which usually isn't my cup of tea but who knows....I just feel like with so much going on in the world it is hard to stop and just be happy. I am going to go take my valium now...:) I am kidding. I just re read my post and it is kind of depressing.
Debbie the Downer

PS is it just me or does Rachel Dratch kind of look like she could be my long lost sister?

Slow Me down
Rushing and racing and running in circles
Moving so fast I'm forgetting my purpose
Blur of the traffic is sending me spinning
Getting nowhere

My head and my heart are colliding chaotic
Pace of the world I just wish I could stop it
Try to appear like I've got it together
I'm falling apart

Save me
Somebody take my hand and lead me
Slow me down
Don't let love pass me by
Just show me how
Cause I'm ready to fall

Slow me down
Don't let me live a lie
Before my life flies by
I need you to slow me down

Sometimes I fear that I might disappear
In the blur of fast forward I falter again
Forgetting to breathe
I need to sleep
I'm getting nowhere

All that I've missed I see in the reflection
Pass me while I wasn't paying attention
Tired of rushing, racing and running
I'm falling apart

Tell me
Oh won't you take my hand and lead me
Slow me down
Don't let love pass me by
Just show me how
Cause I'm ready to fall

Slow me down
Don't let me live a lie
Before my life flies by
I need you to slow me down

Just show me
I need you to slow me down
Slow me down
Slow me down

The noise of the world is getting me caught up
Chasing the clock and I wish I could stop it
Just need to breathe
Somebody please
Slow me down