Sunday, September 28, 2008

angie is wondering if she should still be on facebook

(should i make this my profile pic? i think abby and i look hot. and that's the point of the profile picture, right?)
my name is angie king and i joined facebook 6 months ago. is it weird that i am kind of embarrassed about that? is "facebook" just a euphemism of "myspace"? when people ask me about facebook i say that it is the classy version of myspace, at least it makes me feel better inside. i say i joined because i wanted to stalk my brother and sisters. sam was dating some girl at the time and my mom wanted to spy on them by reading their "walls". a wall (for you non-facebookers) is on your home page and people write witty comments to you. it kind is obnoxious sometimes as it reminds of when people talk really loud on their cell phones in public places so you know how funny/cool their life is....for example: "I haven't seen you since High School? How's life? My husband is a Lawyer now and we just bought our first home, took our kids to Disneyland, and after went straight to Hawaii, we are busy!" the wall seems either braggy or just tons of inside jokes between people BUT like graffiti on a "wall" it is amazingly fun to read what people say to each other. seth joined soon after me and a competition to see who has the most friends began. i would like to announce that i am winning! i have 10 more friends than seth. take that husband! i am more popular than you! facebook proves it! the feature that most confuses me is the "poke" feature. you can "poke" any of your friends. what the hell does that mean? i don't know about you guys but i saw the musical les miserables when i was 12 and that word is used and i had a long and uncomfortable talk with my parents about it. let's hope the young kids now days don't know the "les mis" meaning. overall facebook has been a fun experience. i have reconnected with lots of high school friends and get to see how they are doing on a daily basis...on everyone's profile it will say "Angie______" and you fill in the blank with something like, "Angie is so happy she finished 3 loads of laundry!" that might not be the coolest thing to say but its just an example. I love it when people say, "Jane is really needing to loose 10 pounds!" then "jane" gets lots of notes on her wall telling her how skinny she is. it is a great thing to do if you need to boost your self-esteem. my favorite facebook moment however though was receiving a personal message (not on my wall) from a friend i hadn't talked to in awhile telling me she didn't want to be my friend anymore because i am not very supportive. i wrote her an apology and haven't heard back...does that mean she isn't my friend anymore? should i take her off my friend list? i am still on hers...oh what to do? facebook drama begins. angie is thinking she didn't sign up for this.

ps the synder family (travis) wrote a great post about profile pictures about a year ago...i would link to it but lack the skills.
pps is my new name to cheesy?

Monday, September 15, 2008

bosom friends

"Kindred Spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. Its splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world." Anne, Anne of Green Gables

when i first saw sarah pallin i knew that tina fey would do something about it. why did i know? because we are kindred spirits. best friends who don't know each other, if you will. i am sure upon our meeting that we would be instant friends with inside jokes and all. she wouldn't see me as a crazed fan but a peer to hang out with, gnos, comments on each others blogs, we would be besties (that's the cool new way to say best friends). she would bounce writing ideas off me, use some of mine-the whole nine yards. i think that is why she hangs out so much with amy poehler her subconscious is looking for me (amy and i look alike according to some).

oh tina-thanks for being funny. the opening snl skit was funny with a capital f, even though i don't capitalize. please watch it my friends, support tina's work. republican and democrat can all join hands and unite in laughter at the sheer brilliance of it. thanks bff.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


we just found out that isabella has been cast as tinkerbell in our community theater's production of "Peter Pan"!!! she couldn't be more excited and neither can i. stage moms rule!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

happy birthday husband

(warning: do not read if you get jealous easily)

today is your birthday and here is your tribute. this is a custom on blogger to write a lengthy tribute to your spouse on their birthday. when my friends "tribute" their signifigant others i usually stop reading at about this point (sorry friends) and write some lame comment like, "you guys were meant 2 B" or what not. the rest of this post is most likely for "our eyes only", i wish to say that romantically but i think reading about others personal lives can sometimes be boring.
thank you for the good times. last week you took me to chicago and we had a blast. sitting at the cubs game became an emotional experience for me. it was so great watching you watch the sport you love. wrigley field is amazing with its nostalgic feel. you are like wrigley to me, you only get better as you get older and we experience life together.
thank you for embracing my quirks.
thank you for being patient. life started really fast for us and you rolled up your sleeves and made it work. you are the best dad in the world and i love that our kids jump up and down when you get home.
thank you for laughing at my jokes and making me laugh. i know that i am not really that funny but you make me feel like i am. you laugh at the michael phelps joke everytime i tell it, even though you don't think its funny.
thank you for being handsome. i married for looks, its the truth.
thank you for being creative. not every woman can say that 99% of her furniture is built by her husband.
i love you...have a fan-tabulous birthday.
your wife