Thursday, October 21, 2010


so another season has ended for mr. carson king. this season had ups and downs but we were really lucky to have such great coaches and teammates. carson has improved even more, he is a super fast base runner, has an arm like his dad and uncle, and is an amazing catcher. my favorite moment this year is when after striking out carson called me to the dugout (he never does that) looked at me and said, "mom, i want you to go punch that umpire in the face"...i looked over at the 12-year-old umpire and asked, "why carson?" "because he called 3 strikes on 3 balls". i then told my son how that would be horrible to do and that he needed to respect the umpire's judgement. my sweet usually super shy son proceeded to yell for me to go "punch that stupid umpire in the face!!!" i don't know what was funnier, carson's scene or the thought of me walking up to a 12 year old and punching him the face.

Friday, October 01, 2010

please bless this weather never ends....

i just have to say that i love fall weather and yes even this amazing hot fall weather. i am trying to go to the park and be outside as much as i can because it sadly will soon come to an end. i love halloween, soup, thanksgiving, conference, fall tv, football (just kidding)-this is the best time of year....enjoy!
ps in other news nolan has the biggest front teeth ever. is it weird that if they get bigger or he doesn't grow into them, that i want them shaved? seriously...check out those chicklets!