Tuesday, July 15, 2008

thank you for commenting

i admit, i love comments from my peeps. it makes me feel good. as a reward anyone who commented on my last post is going to receive a free angie's celeb look-alike. calm down. i know...totally exciting. if you know me i am always matching people to stars they look like. please don't be offended, i don't have a single friend who isn't absolutely gorgeous and way prettier than the real stars. this is just for fun.


the 5 years ago version.


your welcome.

mags (there are 3 for you)

for those who don't watch the mtv-allie stockton from newport beach, the real oc. it was uncanny. i drove seth nuts asking him to watch and tell me if he thought she looked like mags.
i can't find this one but it is another mtv reference....it is the contestant "lauren" from "the search for elle woods". abby
agrees with this one.

maybe it is because your husband is so much like tom. i get them confused all the time. their personalities are so much alike.


identical twins.


(she's tom cruise's wife in mission impossible 3)

the spirited 6

she's even wearing your outfit!




everytime i watch the hills i feel like katie has a secret life. i'm telling sean about brody. enough lies!


i am glad you have better taste in husbands :) seal is talented, but seriously?


will you please do your hair like this for the big parade on the 24th?

california roneys'



i should just put a picture of you because you are a famous actress...

seth-he didn't comment, but he SHOULD!

thank you. sorry that i published before i was finished those of you with google reader....

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

10 reasons i'm not as cool as you think.

honesty in blogging is a big thing for me. sometimes it is hard to read all about everyone's amazing lives. sometimes it helps me feel normal when i read a post about how someone's kid pooped on the carpet (thanks patience) or when someone's kid wears 10 pair of underoos and carries a purse (you know it, trisdan) or when you have to literally run the stress away (mags) and all sorts of crazy house shenanigans (basement flooding-meg)....because i like it so much i decided i would post about things that are maybe not post-worthy but to show that i am not as amazing with my kids and home life as you all think. its a shocker, i know.

1. my kids are at my neighbors house and it is past dinnertime and i am not really worried about them staying another hour.
2. i went to the splash pool today for 4 hours and only applied sunscreen once (on my kids).
3. i didn't wear any sunscreen today.
4. i watch mtv after my kids go to bed. ("legally blonde, the search for elle woods" has taken over my life)
5. i have an ingrown hair on my neck that is ugly and huge...okay fine, its not an ingrown hair, its a zit.
6. i didn't like wall*e. i read a review that said the only people who wouldn't like it would be those who listen to rush limbaugh. i just hated how it felt like a movie robots made about how fat, lazy, and stupid humans are. i am all about recycling and saving the earth but i guess this means i have to vote for mcain. (just kidding)
7. i have kept sophie's hair in the same ponytails since sunday.
8. i didn't make dinner.
9. i showered at 4 o'clock pm today.
10.our basement is flooding (just a little bit) we have a drip somewhere that needs to be fixed.
11. carson was violent at the splash pool today...(sorry dawn and paigey)
last and probably the best:
12.sophia just felt my tummy and said, "mommy, you have a baby in your tummy". its not true. really its not. she doesn't believe me either.
i am not posting this so you all will tell me that i am an awesome mom, i know i am. i just wanted to make sure that this mom sets the bar low sometimes and that's okay.

love ya forever.