Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i am cliche.

cliche (from French, pronounced [klɪ'ʃe]) is a phrase, expression, or idea that has been overused to the point of losing its intended force or novelty, especially when at some time it was considered distinctively forceful or novel. The term is most likely to be used in a negative context.

i have realized lately that i am cliche. this is something i have never wanted to be but i have realized that i can't help it, it is who i am. i am generic and there is nothing i can do about it! am i upset? no. surprised? kind of. do i feel bad when i read cathy cartoons and relate? yes. do i feel bad when i laugh at the cathy cartoons? no, just embarrassed. i notice it the most when i fill out a "tag" or "getting to know you" form. i know you are trying to defend me thinking, i can't be friends with someone so bland, but its true. my name is angela king and i am just like everyone in the world. here goes:
1. i like chocolate (just like "the cath")
2. i like shopping
3. i like chic flicks
4. i like edward
5. i have a blog
6. i want my house to look like pottery barn
7. i want to be skinny
8. i hate working out
9. my hobbies include going to movies...and?
10. i have been watching the Olympics non stop
11. i wish i could shop exclusively at anthro.
12. i shop exclusively at target.
the list goes on and on. what can i do to change it? nothing. why would i feel bad that i am just like everybody else? everybody else is awesome. so i WILL eat chocolate, i WILL have a blog, i WILL shop at target and i WILL be cliche. i don't think there is anything "negative" about it. it just means i have good taste, right?

Monday, August 04, 2008

heidi snyder is a photography genius

dear heidi,
you should be a professional. i can't beleive how great these pictures are. my kids had just been swimming, not bathed, looked homeless and you get shots like these. i know i have mom goggles, but seriously...you have talent! don't be surprised when i show up at your house in the next little while with my kids all dressed up.
you are the best.

Friday, August 01, 2008


so i know a big burning question a lot of us have floating in our minds is, "why would our dear christian bale hurt his mother* the circus performer?" well i think it is time for me to confess. let's rewind in time to 3 years ago. i was 6 months-ish pregnant and we were in london (because we are world travelers like that and that's how we roll) and we had just finished visiting st. pauls cathedral. janice (seth's mom) had given us a rousing rendition of "feed the birds" and we were walking to the tube station. we were walking through an empty courtyard when there all in black i saw him. christian (yes, bale) was sitting on a bench in the center of the courtyard wearing a black trench coat and dark suit. he was in town because it was the premiere weekend for "batman begins". his eyes were dark and cold and i wanted to run and get his autograph and picture but he looked at me as if to say, "the attention it would draw would be too much for me now". now i know that isn't what he meant. i think the reason he is so frustrated with life is because he cannot forget me. i just want to publicly apologize to christian for the memory of me that has been tormenting him through these past 3 years. i have read how it has affected him on set and with his personal life. christian, if you are reading this please know that i think you are a phenomenal actor and extremely handsome but i LOVE my husband and children. you will never be seth. please understand and stop the anger. serenity now, my friend.

*i do not condone violence in anyway.