Sunday, August 23, 2009


dear readers,
i mean this in the most unsacrelgious way but i just have to say it: Dieter Uchtdorf is a stunning man. its not like i am day dreaming of him all day but let the record state that i do think he is handsome. when he walked into the room for the dedication my head said, "If I were a 50 + lds single i would have a crush." please don't think i'm weird.
the end.
much love.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

phone pal

Inevitably after i have a baby i go through a little post-partum and i think i am going through it now. You can put your phone down now i think i get it a little different than most people. I don't think I get depressed, just unmotivated. I become a hermit. Anywho, feeling this way made me remember something from my childhood that was so funny. in the cute town i grew up in there was a phone service kids could call if they were lonely or needed a friend. it was called "phone pal". isn't that a fun idea? i can just see the marriage and family majors now cooking up this great idea..."i know we'll start a helpline in our apartment and we can take turns answering the phones helping kids out...we can count it as our internship and the ladies will be impressed with our kid skills." little did they know that a girl from orem would monopolize their plan to "heal the world" one phone call at a time. i had to have been about 10 or 11 and a friend told me about it. you just called, told them your problem and they talked you through it. I immediately went home and told my brother, Sam. We then began calling all day with new scenarios. "Our mom was at the grocery store and we were scared...A friend at school wouldn't talk to us anymore.., etc." The "phone pal" would then tell us he was some kind of superhero and he would help us be brave or he would be our friend. Sam and I would cover the phone and giggle and laugh. It didn't take too long for them to catch on. I remember running out of ideas and calling with the infamous "do you have breasts, this isn't kfc?" classic prank and getting an ear full. It kind of ruined the fun when we realized we had crushed the dream of a well intended 21-year-old RM. I guess I was kind of a little *&!@ for pulling such a prank but even at that age how could you not resist? If karma is real I am sure this is why i suffered in High School with bad skin...i just know it.
ps what ever happened to prank calling? have the cell phones taken away this fun activity?