Thursday, February 18, 2010

the kevin bacon game...and television programs

i can't help it...i LOVE making connections with people. it is probably one of my favorite pastimes. i love meeting someone and finding out if we know any similar people and connecting the dots. i wonder why i like this so much? it drives seth crazy. i think it is just nice to meet someone and have a frame of reference and maybe with that "frame of reference" i won't seem so crazy? maybe? i don't know....
in other news...
i have pretty much decided that one of my talents is watching television. i know this sounds like a joke, but its not. i do not consider myself as a couch potato, watching television for me is like a humanities major going to an art museum. i NEVER just sit and watch random television (notice how i am not calling it tv :) i schedule myself for the programs that i enjoy. i like to pick them apart and think about the writing and think about how clever writers are. here are favorite programs in order of preference(notice how i am not calling them tv shows):
mad men
modern family
parks and rec
the office/30 rock (its too close to call)
throwdown with bobby flay

i also watch one show that is just trash and i am embarrassed that i watch it:
The Bachelor "On the Wings of Love"
it is pretty much the most ridiculous show on tv (yes it is a "show" on "tv"-i obviously don't respect it). i watch it in awe because i can't believe people really subject themselves to it. poor, poor tenley....
well, that's pretty much my life in a nutshell. television programs.
xoxo ang