Monday, November 24, 2008

talkin' sports

(proof that i attend athletic events.)

i grew up in the uc and i am proud of the mormon culture that i was raised in. i think a lot of people get embarrassed that they are from utah but i think it is great. i love utah, jello salad, family reunions, byu, all that goes with being raised mormon. i have the tysmen rap memorized..." drugs alcohol or even caffeine they say it so straight, do you have any fun, yeah, we beat a number one team on television...oh hungowa byu's got ty power!" not ashamed at all. i think it is funny when people say they will never live in utah again. i like to classify those people with the people who say they will never drive a mini van. give it up are in your thirities, getting fat, have lots of are no longer cool. you are never going to take your ride with carseats to your high school parking lot. i started thinking about all of this the weekend of the big football game. anyone that knows me should know that sports aren't really my thing. on a side note- i kind of feel bad that someone so athletic married me. i remember in the beginning of our marriage trying to play catch together. seth would tell me to "stop pretending" but sadly i was giving it my all. (thank goodness we have kids that can catch and hit a ball). as the big utah/byu game approached i enjoyed listening to all the "smack" talk. i don't participate (i couldn't name a single player on either team, max hall?) but i LOVE to listen. i think it is funny to hear the arguing and emotion that goes on with this "big" game. during our brief stint living out of state i realized that almost every mormon was a huge Y fan. they would drive all night to the games and order special cable channels. i recently recalled this as i realized that there are so many U fans from the great county of utah. i kind of think it is a "rebellion" thing for we utah county kids. i remember telling my parents in heated argument as a teenager that i wanted to go to the U. it was a real kicker for my cougar blue posting father. i'm not saying there aren't some true U fans from the uc but lets face it a lot of them are just trying to piss off their parents, right? i guess the same goes for salt lake county residents. they are mostly ute fans and it is kind of interesting when someone from "up north" likes the cougs. they must have had big time zoobie parents.

so there you have it "talkin' sports with angie. the cougs lost right?

Friday, November 07, 2008


no, i'm not going private, i'm too desperate for comments aka friends BUT i have to vent about the whole "private blog" thing. private blogger friends...don't stop reading and comment already about how it is better, i totally hear you. i don't have anything against private blogs and i understand that if you have a stalker or your kids are too cute they will be kidnapped the instant someone sees their picture...i totally understand. my beef is the message that you get when you try to log on to a private blog w/o and invite.....

"This blog is open to invited readers only. It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation."

is it just me or does this read kind of snotty? every time i read it the voice in my head is some high school cheerleader with a pretend concerned face and then after she reads it she looks at her friends and laughs. i know that google tries to have a "user-friendly" voice, but this is ridiculous. it might as well say this:

"um, yeah, it looks like your not on the list for this party, do you even know this person? seriously."

i didn't know that google used former teen movie screenwriters for their prompt writing. its either that or i have some deep rooted issue with not being invited to things. i must have had some traumatic event happen in my life that causes me to take such offense, wait, i know what it was-high school. all of it.

maybe it was more like junior high. if i go to hell it will be canyon view junior high everyday. i will wake up every morning discover zits on my forehead, cut bangs too short, slick them back with gel and then they will stick up for the rest of the day. i will then go to the after school dance and get asked to dance by some guy who shakes the whole time and leaves sweat marks on my waist from his nervous hands. my elementary friends will start ignoring me and i will pretend to have mono so i can go home for lunch everyday because i have no one to sit by.

oh my goodness, that last paragraph came so fast, i guess i really do have issues with not being invited. faking mono is hard. don't make me do it again private bloggers!


ps all in good fun

pps YES WE CAN!!!!!!!