Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a request....

dear friends,
i thought i would compose a list of things you are required to tell me. i promise to not take offense and will only love you more.
1. hanging booger- if i have any kind of substance dangling from my nose region tell me. you don't have to be subtle and wipe your own nose, just say "angie, there is a booger hanging out of your nose". i will be honest here and say i can't look at a person and take them seriously if they have a hanger. it can even be dead skin and i lose focus.
2. white zit-i pretty much don't even care if you reach over and pop it. there is nothing worse than coming home from some event with a big white zit on my face knowing that it has been staring its big white eye at everyone all day.
3. unzipped zipper-the other day i was out in our neighborhood greencourt (we share front yards here) with an unzipped zipper. no one told me! c'mon neighbors! i WANT you to be my friends and show me some help. i was totally putting my hands in my pockets exposing my underthings to little children!
that is all for now. friends don't let friends have hangers, white zits, or open flies.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

aunt lynda...

i remember the first time i met lynda clyde. it was in my parents basement. uncle bill brought her to meet the whole family and we all just sat there and stared at her. we were mostly in shock because it was the first girl bill had ever dared introduce to us and abby (my little sister) had just told her she knew her from heaven and that she had a fat face. to avoid any more awkwardness bill made a smart move and took my brother, sisters, and i on a hike. we hiked to the top of bridal veil falls and as we sat there looking at the beautiful scene lynda asked us to make a memory. to memorize the moment and never forget it my 10-year-old self thought that i had just met the coolest girl in the world. truth was, i did.
i am so glad my uncle married lynda. what a great choice. when they married i was only 10. she was always so great to me and being the oldest in my family she became like a big sister. after getting married and having my own kids i only admire her more. i love visiting her in monticello. if she isn't running 5 miles, teaching pilates, volunteering at the school, or helping her kids she is spoiling me by making my favorite chocolate chip cookies actually she does all of it at the same time. we like to call her the "crack" mom because she is amazing at doing it all. i love our sloth days. i will go down during the year and we will rent movies and do nothing. actually, i am the one that does nothing and she "pretends" to do nothing. i love visiting with her on the phone. she is a history major and i love our discussions. even though our ideas sometimes differ on things she respects my opinion and we don't get hung up on our differences. i always hang up the phone truly enlightened and feeling a little smarter. she always gives me the best book recommendations and i love to discuss them with her. she is so passionate about everything.
she also has such a great relationship with my uncle. they are best friends...truly a john and abigal.
lynda, i don't know if you read my blog but if you do i just want to thank you for being such a great aunt/friend. you have always been there for me and i am forever indebted to your friendship and auntship. i think abby was right, we did know you from heaven.
ps she also introduced me to arrested development....
pps bill isn't so bad either :)
this is a picture of us on the 24th this year. lynda is in the black and i am wearing the hat (note to self, you don't look good in hats...) isabella and millie (lynda's daughter) are dressed as pioneers (not polygamists) because lynda baked them 5 batches of cookies to sell to people at the parade. mother of the year.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

self-employed and it feels so good.

seth has finally decided to bite the bullet and do his own thing. this has been a long time coming. he will be doing all things construction (he can finish a basement, build a house, etc) and specialize in woodwork (finish work and cabinets), and building custom furniture. (you can see examples in the post below) he has started a blog and it will highlight a lot of his projects. i am so excited for him. he is so good at what he does. we just did some wainscot in our home and i couldn't handle how big of a perfectionist he is (you mean you don't just glob the putty on the nail holes?)-it really is a good thing. my house is absolutely beautiful right now and it is all do to his artistic talent. so feel free to hire him, refer him, put a link on your blog whatever...i will even throw in a free dinner if you hire or refer him, for seriousness (a treat for linking:)
check out the blog

ps this is one of my favorite projects he has ever done...he used the existing cabinets (they were that 90's light pink washed wood) and built new doors. he also did the trim work, built the island, built the handrail and installed the floor. i will post the "before" pics when i find them.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008


mad men.
i love it. do i suggest you go and watch it? absolutely not. you will no longer think that i am a wholesome person. it is definately pg-13-,people and full of sneaky, lying, adulturous characters and yet i am obsessed. what does this say about me? everything from the costumes, sets, actors down to the haunting dialogue and script-is hands down perfect. i feel like i am watching a play on television, if that makes sense. the first "real" play i ever saw was at BYU, i remembered making a connection later that plays don't have to "all tie up" like movies do. they leave you thinking, emotionally connected to actors you shouldn't even like or care about. i think these elements have become more alive in film now than they ever have been and now to see it on tv is a joy. if you do decide to give in and watch it know that you have to keep watching to truly understand the whole concept and feel of the series. you will either love it or hate will drive you mad!!!!!(that had to happen, you know it, it was either that or "i'm mad about mad men.")

so the cubs lost. i told seth that he just better realize that the cubs are never going to make it to the world series. they mentally can't get past the curse. he hates it when i talk sports. i sometimes purposly do it just to make him mad. because i love him to be a mad man. :) (it was too easy) no really, the cubs are never going to win, the end. like snl obama said, just pick a different team.

carson and the bee
carson came home from school yesterday with a big movie sized box of sour skittles. seth asked him who gave him that and he shrugged and said, "i won the first grade spelling bee". i didn't really beleive him so i called his teacher and sure enough he was telling the truth. he won on the word, "secret". needless to say we are super proud of him and are starting to practice for the national spelling bee...okay the last part is a lie but maybe we should put him in a school for kids who read good. he could be this kid someday....

we all can dream can't we?