Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Deep Thoughts

This is one of those posts that might not make sense because I am writing down my abstract thoughts. Lately, as my 28th birthday approaches, I have discovered yet another pet peeve. I am seriously a grumpy old lady with all of the things that irritate me. Any-who, I hate "growing up". I find it ironic that I played Peter in Peter Pan and I am saying this now. I should break into song! Life is a musical! I hate how people act when they grow up. Serious. All of the time. It seems that friends have some new wall in front of them as they "act" like adults. We can't just say things we used to say or do things we used to do. I am not talking about going out and acting like crazy teenagers (old lady Angie would get so annoyed) but it bugs me when people (when their kids aren't around) say "poop" instead of "crap". Give me a break...I know the word you really want to say. Or maybe when you get together with friends and your conversation sounds like a lame family letter, "Tommy is doing so well in school, they say he is reading on a college level". It isn't the bragging that bugs me as much as the "let me tell you how great my life is because even though I am out of high school I still feel the need to compare." Or asking questions like, "What's your calling?" (That could be its own blog). I have to add the disclaimer that sometimes these questions are asked and comments are made and it is okay but you know when it isn't. I have to blame the TV show "What Not to Wear" for this tangent thought. I watched the other day at the gym and I swear it was about me. They made fun of this girl for shopping in the Juniors section. I cringed as I realized that I shop there too. She hated the experience for the most part. They made her wear "mom" clothes. Turtlenecks, vests, you know the drill. They weren't bad looking clothes. It wasn't the famous mom jeans commercial but "adult" clothes. I CAN"T DO THAT!!!! Is there something wrong with me?!?!!? I can't give up my youth. I will be a mom but I can't let go of my sarcasm, shopping at Hollister and Forever 21, stop watching SNL and Newport Harbor....I refuse. The only problem now is that I might turn into this:


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Key Bank Tower Implosion in Salt Lake City

Because Seth's company is the contractor of City Creek downtown, we stayed at the Marriott (left corner) and watched the implosion. CRAZY!! We were a little scared, but because my husband is awesome, everything went perfectly as planned. Seth was up all night working and getting ready, he came in our room around 3 AM with his flashlight and said, "Ang, we need to evacuate the building right now..." Needless to say his little joke scared me to death....what a kidder....anyway, good times.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Besides my amazing husband.....is there anything/anyone better than Sting? Just thought I would share......

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So here I am sitting in my sweaty gym clothes, sitting in my filthy house-posting. What the hell is my problem? I will tell you-Stephenie Meyer! I just finished her third book, Eclipse, and that pretty much sums up what I have done in the past 2 days. And if finishing the book wasn't enough, I now feel the need to publicly post my feelings about a novel....what has come over me? I am sure you could find a zillion blog posts about this book. Why are we so obsessed? Why has it taken over my life? Why do I, mother of three, daydream about vampires? (sorry, not werewolves, Jacob totally bugs). Why do I endure constant teasing from my husband about my obsession with Edward? Stephenie Meyer is amazing. Some may read her books and say "Meh, its okay, not the best written novel ever...." but then explain to me why we are all so obsessed!!!! Madness aside, it was a great book, enjoyed every minute...I'm not so jazzed about Jacob but whatever.....Edward was amazing as usual. I also love Emmett, he is my favorite after Edward. I can't wait until next fall to let my life wait on pause again as I read another saga in Bella Swan's life, she better get over the marriage thing BTW, give me a break. Well I better go find my kids....just kidding. :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

naming baby

So I was leaving the gym yesterday, picking Sophie up from the gymcare, and I was asking the girl who works there about her little boy. She told me his name was Sam. I mentioned that Sam is my brother's name and that I think it is a really cute name. She then rolled her eyes and said, "I know, but it wasn't popular, that's why we chose it and now everyone is using it." I hate to be rude but Puh-lease! I think this attitude is becoming a HUGE pet peeve of mine. I don't care who you are unless you name your kid some crazy made up name like Jkue (I just typed random letters), it wasn't your idea and I hate to break it to you if the name becomes popular, it wasn't because of you, unless you're TomKat or Brange. When we named our oldest Isabella, it wasn't really that common, but now it is. I would like to pride myself in thinking that I started the trend, but in reality my choice was just the beginning of a trend. I guess I should just be a little more tolerant and not let stuff like this bug me, but it does. Can't we just consider ourselves clever for being at the beginning of a trend instead on thinking we started it?

Friday, August 10, 2007

California followed us home

I LOVE California, don't get me wrong. The weather is perfect, we have amazing friends who live there, it is ALWAYS green, Disneyland, the beach....I could go on and on BUT I seriously think the state followed us when we moved back to Utah. I know you are thinking...."Seth and Angie aren't that cool, why would a state follow them home?" But it did. Here is the evidence:

Forever 21-I know this store is pretty much everywhere now but it has always "belonged" to CA
House Prices-they are not as bad, but give me a break.
Cars- in California we would always say stuff like, "I just want to see a regular car, in Utah you never see so many expensive cars" Now you do.
Air quality-I would guess that Orange County actually had better air quality than the Salt Lake Valley now.
Traffic-I don't care what anyone says, it is just as bad or worse. I would actually say worse. We need more roads.

I am not complaining but it is kind of crazy to move back to the place you grew up and have it seem like the place you left.

That is that.

Completely changing the subject-Seth is one of the Project engineers over block 76 (the crossroads remodel) and I am so excited because we get to stay in the Marriott next week and watch them blow up the Key Bank Tower.....we are really looking forward to it, I think mostly because after the implosion maybe we will see him more.....

Last thing-President Faust. What a great man. I loved his talk last conference on Forgiveness. "Let us remember that we need to forgive to be forgiven."

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Girls/Hairspray

I just thought these pictures were adorable. Isabella and Sophia look so cute in their dance outfits. Sophie hasn't started dance yet but she loves to dance around and wear Isabella's old leotards and shoes. Their new favorite thing to do together is listen to the Hairspray movie cast recording and dance around. Bella always wants to be Amber Von Tussle. She likes them snotty! BTW go see Hairspray. It is fabulous. I loved every minute of it. I know that sounds really predictable of me but I haven't really liked many recent movie musicals and I only went to this because I didn't want to go to Transformers with Seth. (He took Carson to that and I took the girls to Hairspray). John Travolta scared me at first but I thought his campy performance was brilliant at best. Nikki Blonsky was so perfect, she was born for the role. It is funny because I HATE this show but the movie made me a fan. It is usually the opposite. I could go on and on....Christopher Walken, always amazing, Zac Efron, meh, but Isabella was in love with her crush. My crush of the movie, James Marsden, cute, cute, cute....(not as cute as Seth, but 2nd place)......go see it, it is a happy, great movie......

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back to School

So my kids are in year round school and today was Carson's first day of Kindergarten. I love the picture of Sophie "congratulating" him. I think he looks so handsome in his bright blue shirt ($6.99 at Target). He didn't cry and proudly walked into his class with his new teacher Mrs. Karren. I am so excited for him.