Wednesday, February 20, 2008

4 random unrelated facts

1. Fact: I am hot. Our community had a prom (Do I live in Monticello? No I don't. I heart Daybreak) for the adults and because Seth was out of town and I couldn't embarrass him I dressed up in my 80's gear and danced the night away with some friends. Seth was freaking out when he saw the pictures because he thinks I look like his mom in them. PS please note that I had my hair done yesterday and no longer have ten inches of regrowth.

2. Fact: "She's the Man" is one of the best movies ever made. I could watch this movie everyday and laugh my head off everytime. You know it bro'.

3. Fact: Matthew Mcconaughey needs to recognize his age and GROW UP! When asked about his girlfriend who is pregnant with his child he said, "I'm so stoked". Seriously? Stoked? He might as well have said, "That is so rad I'm going to get on my tubular surf board now and pretend I am a teenager on Newport Harbor." Is that the best you can do? I would have been more impressed with a "what, she's pregnant?" kidding...kind of. Also here is a link to Matt Damon doing a funny impression of Matthew M.

4. Fact: The strike is over!!!! I have missed my tv friends so much!

Monday, February 04, 2008

'cause we're cool like that....

Last week Seth and I thought we would FINALLY go to the Sundance film festival..we didn't have time to get tickets but thought it would be fun to see if we could get in to see one or just walk around and go out to eat. We invited Eric (Seth's brother) and his wife Emily. Here are my top ten memories of the day....

1. The girls on the shuttle. So we took the free shuttle into Park City. You park at a church for free and then ride into town. It is the best way to go because parking around Main Street is around $20. Anywho we sat behind these two girls who decided that even though they didn't have microphones they could project so everyone could hear how into "film" there were. I am not accusing them about knowing their stuff when it comes to film but it is so annoying to me when people talk really loud and use all their area of art lingo so everyone will hear and think they are amazing. Here is a sample sentence, "So when I did the beauty shot I really wanted Kurt to do the modeling but James is much more versitale in his stance. Its cool though because I can still use the footage for my portfolio" Let us not forget to add a couple of "I have so much "sh#$" to do" for this _____ project."

2. Our "conversation" on the shuttle". Seth and I were really annoyed so to turn it into a positive we decided to have our own "conversation". ie...
Me: Do you know who I am so excited to see?
Seth: Who?
Me: George Lucas
Seth: Really?
Me: Yeah, I hear that, George Redford, you know that guy who puts on this festival is giving him some kind of award for his screenplay in Star Wars.
Seth: That is rad. He has been so overlooked. What is screenplay?
Me: You know like the way the picture looks on the screen, how it plays out, you know?

3. The PETA people. I'm not saying I don't agree with them. I feel guilty when I see them though, because cruelty to animals is the 2nd reason I don't wear real fur or leather. (1rst reason is because I can't afford it.)

4. Seeing Park City busy. Usually Park City seems so dead. It is so much fun to go up there and to see people mulling around supporting Utah businesses.

5. People watching. I have to admit that I wanted to see Scott Jessop stalking celebrities as much as I wanted to see actual celebrities. I didn't spot either but I swear I saw JT, Seth disagrees.

6. Eric trying on the lame hat at the Harley Davidson store.

7. The lame hat I tried on at the Harley Davidson store. (I actually kind of like it now that I see it in the picture.)

8. The swag. Because we are so hot we were stopped and given 2 free cases of redbull. nice.

9. The parking attendent who stopped us and asked for some.

10. The fact that the parking attendent let us take this picture because he wanted a red bull.

Good times. We want to do it again next year but this time we want to actually see a film so we can be like the cool girls on the shuttle.