Friday, September 24, 2010




ps i LOVE that he has all of those stuffed animals from lagoon....he is so spoiled!

first pitch!

seth listens to x96 every morning on the way to work. he loves the show. one morning while he was listening they mentioned that they were sponsoring the Bee's game and that it was kid's night and they needed a kid to throw out the first pitch. being the great dad he is seth called and got carson the spot. it was a really great experience for carson and our family. carson threw a great pitch. we are so proud of our little guy!


sophia and i went to disneyland for our birthdays...just the 2 of us. it was really fun and needed...i can't believe my baby girl is 5!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"the mother of all workouts"

so i have been doing p90x. it has been great. i have been posting on facebook when i complete the day and although i am sure it is annoying to some people it really helps me feel accountable for the workout. i have had a lot of people ask me about the results. to be completely candid i haven't lost one single pound-i have about 36 days to go so we will see what the final result is. as far as being disappointed, i am not. i feel so much better. i have never been very good at working out, but now the days that i miss or don't have a very good workout i feel yucky. seth and i have also decided to start running together so for the past week we have been running up to the lake and back (about 3 miles). it is nice to start somewhere is all i will say about that. each day we run i feel stronger and better and look forward to having it be "cake". i know there will be chuckles at this but turning 30 and having my fourth baby really waged war on my body. it is crazy how fast your metabolism can slow down. but as i look at my stretch marks and imperfect body i don't see ugly i see "war wounds" (as my cousin maggie calls them). i see isabella, carson, sophia, and nolan-and i'm grateful.

Monday, September 13, 2010


carson got baptized. we are so proud of him. there is something so great about carson. he has such a peaceful way about him. he doesn't like a lot of fanfare or attention. he is confident in who he is. i love our little guy so much!
ps i LOVE that seth doesn't wear the jumpsuit.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

'roids rage.

so i think there is something wrong with me. i am too cynical. i just read the archives of my blog and although there have been a lack of posts lately, the posts there have been have anything but fun or more of a "make fun" tone. i have decided the reason i am this way is because of my thyroid. yes peeps, i have a problem with my thyroid. it sucks. i am blaming everything on it. my grumpiness will henceforth be called "roids rage". if i unfriended you on facebook or didn't say hi to you at the store, this is why. please understand.
in all seriousness i want to get back on track of chronicling the lives of our busy family. so get ready for some bragging and boasting (which are the same thing-fyi). its time to turn the page.
and finally to address my commenter's:
1. i am so worried about those of you who are in prison and need my help! please leave some kind of clue and i will call the authorities right away!
2. to those of you who say my blog is popular-thanks! i will click on your ads later!
3. thanks for offering us "enhancement" pills. i think the 4 kids should prove that we don't really need help in this area yet. i'll hit you up in a couple of years.

.....oh shoot there i go again. cynical as ever. at least i recognize, right? stupid roid.