Saturday, March 20, 2010

i agree

i would love to forward this article to everyone i know but alas the glen beckers will eat me alive. but if you are feeling daring this (a little too brief) write up brings up some great points..

Friday, March 19, 2010

seth and i went to new york

it was really fun. natalie was a superstar. we were really proud. it is a good thing to get away and remember why you love your spouse so much. he is an expert traveler and loves people, places and things as much as i do. so glad that i married someone like you. i'm seriously so blessed-seriously.
PS i am a little behind. this trip was in december. i just went with bella and some great friends/next door neighbors-pictures and the best stories EVER to come!


this post is in no way shape or form a "reaction" to anything. i have just been thinking a lot lately about how as a friend i should come with a disclaimer. it would read:
"if you choose me as a friend you should be aware that:
-i'm really bad at getting back to you
-i rarely listen to my voicemails
-i forget birthdays
-i get really overwhelmed
-i'm needy
-i borrow things
please note that these issues are almost impossible for me to reverse. i am so busy in my head that my forgetfulness is always getting in the way of being a good friend. please accept my apologies upfront. i love you and would do anything for you, you would just need to remind me a few times".
in summary...THANK YOU dear friends who put up with me and love me in spite of anything else. some day when our lives slow down you will receive amazing thoughtful gifts with long meaningful notes on how much i appreciate you.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

not to brag.....

...but my kids are so talented. check out this sweet dance....(and yes my kids own pajama's they just prefer to wear old tee-shirts)