Friday, July 17, 2009

Nolan Ronald Douglas King

Nolan was born on June 29, 2009 and not to brag, but it was the best "birth" experience I have ever had. My incredible mid-wife Lindsey Brienholt had just left for Greece and I had an appointment to see her partner Kat Miller. I was 39 weeks and I felt "finished" and really wanted to ask to be induced but wanted it to be someone else's idea. Thankfully Kat suggested it and asked if I wanted to go in a couple of days...or today? Today please. I walked over to the hospital, called Seth and told him to get my stuff and meet me and thus it began. Everything happened pretty fast, I got my epidural before I felt any real pain and before I knew it they handed me little Nolan. I think my face was totally shocked when I saw all of his hair. Our babies don't have much hair so I was surprised to see him sporting black hair. Seth and I think it was Ron's (Seth's dad) idea of a little joke to get one with his great dark hair. He weighed 7'11 and was 19 inches long. I absolutely loved St. Mark's hospital. It was the best hospital I have delivered at. He is a really sweet baby and we are adjusting to him as best we can. Sophie is having a hard time not being the baby and is always in his face saying "hey buddy...i sorry...i sorry..." please bless nolan will not get hurt. (btw "please bless" is one of my new favorite sayings...) Needless to say having a newborn around always brings a special spirit in our home and I love it. We have had so many people help, bring food, take the kids, etc...that it is absolutely overwhelming. I'm so grateful and so in love with this brand new boy who I feel like I have known forever.