Monday, July 30, 2007

Carson's Birthday

So I totally copied a creative friend for Carson's 5th birthday party-I know it is tacky of me and I am so sorry Melissa, it was just to cute to resist! We had a bug birthday, made bug hats, had a bug hunt, bugs, and more bugs. Anywho, it was great!

Twin Cousins

So my cousin Trisdan and I are about 8 months apart. We have always been great friends and when we were little we always told people we were "twin cousins". The great thing is, we are not twins, but as we were talking the other weekend we laughed remembering that we really thought we were. We remembered going to the 4th of July parade in Provo when we were about 10 in twin outfits and thinking people might get us mixed up, what a crazy time that would be?!?! As much as I would love being Trisdan's twin, she is absolutely gorgeous, we are not, I think we just watched a little too much Parent Trap.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy 80th!

Last week my family had a huge get-together for my Grandma Boyle. She turned 80 last month and all of the family went to Monticello (1 hour south of Moab...kidnapped bride....) to celebrate. It was fabulous. My Grandma is the most lovely person you would ever meet. I can hardly believe she is 80, she is still so "with it" and seems at least 60! The first night all of the adults went to eat at a steak house by Canyonlands. It was really fun. The ambiance really made it a fun place.

The next day was the city parade so we all went to that and Isabella was able to participate with my uncle's "float" for his newspaper, the San Juan Record, (he just started putting it online btw so if anyone wants the inside scoop to the crazy county of San Juan the address is After the parade we had family pictures and a barbecue, and watched a little video I made about Grandma's life. The Boyle side of the family has always been close because there are only three brothers and 13 grankids so it was good to catch up and chat.

Friday, July 06, 2007

I have a new toy

I bought a new camera. I am a little trigger happy. The past few days have been crazy. Fourth of July: Swimming at Veterans Pool, picnic in the park..... Lagoon with Grandma King: Hottest day of my life, Isabella went on crazy rides and I thought she was going to die, Sophia threw-up in my hand, got my fix of carnies for the year.....Carson's Birthday: New bike, I can't believe I have a 5 year old and he is my SECOND child. Enjoy the pictures, I love that Sophie is such a cheeser. On a movie side note: The movie GHOSTRIDER should have received an academy award for best screenplay-NOT! Worst movie of the year so far. Lastly, Congratulations Lisa for joining the world of blogging....