Tuesday, July 15, 2008

thank you for commenting

i admit, i love comments from my peeps. it makes me feel good. as a reward anyone who commented on my last post is going to receive a free angie's celeb look-alike. calm down. i know...totally exciting. if you know me i am always matching people to stars they look like. please don't be offended, i don't have a single friend who isn't absolutely gorgeous and way prettier than the real stars. this is just for fun.


the 5 years ago version.


your welcome.

mags (there are 3 for you)

for those who don't watch the mtv-allie stockton from newport beach, the real oc. it was uncanny. i drove seth nuts asking him to watch and tell me if he thought she looked like mags.
i can't find this one but it is another mtv reference....it is the contestant "lauren" from "the search for elle woods". abby
agrees with this one.

maybe it is because your husband is so much like tom. i get them confused all the time. their personalities are so much alike.


identical twins.


(she's tom cruise's wife in mission impossible 3)

the spirited 6

she's even wearing your outfit!




everytime i watch the hills i feel like katie has a secret life. i'm telling sean about brody. enough lies!


i am glad you have better taste in husbands :) seal is talented, but seriously?


will you please do your hair like this for the big parade on the 24th?

california roneys'



i should just put a picture of you because you are a famous actress...

seth-he didn't comment, but he SHOULD!

thank you. sorry that i published before i was finished those of you with google reader....


lramey said...

wowsers, thanks! I totally look like Cameron (especially in the body area- oh, cept my legs are way longer and skinnier)- get that all the time- yeah right...but, I'll take it. I'll own that right up!

you beautiful flower you!

meg said...

uh, if only....

and wow, we haven't seen you guys in a while but Seth is hot!

Amy Morris said...

I loved this post and I loved your last one. Your blog is one of my top favorites. You always have such fun stuff to read and look at. I love it! :)

Katie said...

Sean already knows about Brody. He's cool with it.

Well, there's this billboard somewhere between my house and Provo, I don't even know what it is for, but every time I drive past it i think it is you at first. When you really look, it doesn't look too much like you, but at first glance it fools me every time. Next time I drive by I will remember where it is and what it's for so you can look at it.

Andrea Coles said...

I'll definitely take Nicole Kidman. And I was totally thinking about how you resemble an actress the other day, but now I can't remember who it is. I'm now going to spend the next few days racking my brain for that person's name... or what I saw them in... and I agree that Seth totally resembles Mark Wahlberg. I'm glad that Power 90 thing is working out for him so well!

lramey said...

that billboard is for University Mall and you ARE TWINNERS with the beautiful girl on it!!! I too, believe it's you every time and still do a double take- even though I drive by like every other day!!!

Mags said...

you are my personal warm fuzzy. I did one of the celebrity look alik thingys once and it said I looked like laurence olivier or some old guy actor. Yah, I'm not posting that. I've always thought Seth had more of a Jake Gyllenhal plus Mike Myers thing goin' on. It might must be starving for air we always do when he's around. So funny!
PS You are so Kate Hudsonish.

Brett & Shireen said...

Wow, I'm SO hot. I think you said that was 5 years ago and let me tell you, a lot has changed since then. And Seth totally got hotter - is he an underwear model turned actor?

Joel the Mole said...

My celebrity look-alike would probably be a hybrid of Jack Osborne, and Batman. Jack for the looks, and Batman for all the amazing skills.

Tippets Family said...

you are hilarious! miss you.

SeeCampbell said...

Dang! I knew I should have posted on your last blog! Now I really missed out! You definitely pinned Seth right! We are coming for the UCLA BYU game in September. Where will you be?

Jeremy said...

wow, seth is hot...he'd be hotter if he would ever return my phone calls and emails...

Katie said...

I just found your blog. So fun. I actually took the time to read ALL of it (can't sleep, very prego). You're kids are adorable and I'm excited to follow your posts and see what's up with you guys! Miss you tons... we should do lunch!

Seth said...

I AM hot... "come on, come on... feel it, feel it, feel the vibration"... also, I don't remember the Bob Marley tatoo... oh, wait that is a tatoo of Medusa from Clash of the Titans... that one I remember.

California Roney's said...

That was really fun and creative. If I looked like Meg ryan (yes pre surgery) I would be a happy person! Not that I am not happy. But come on, she is amazing! Okay, I want to do one for you. Reese Witherspoon?


Thanks girl. I will make sure to wear that at my next party.

Hailey said...

You are awesome...