Thursday, November 18, 2010

issues are fun

okay let's start off by saying i haven't really read too much about the issue i'm going write about but after all of the status posts and email forwards i really have to ask, what the heck is wrong with a little pat down at the airport? i am kind of shocked by the backlash. i guess i work for an airline so i am a little biased but i just don't understand. when i board an aircraft, i want to be safe. i want my kids to be safe and if that means they do a pat down-so be it. i remember going through security when we were coming home from europe and an intoxicated man in front of me was freaking out because he had to take off his shoes. are terrorists going to try to shoe bomb on aircraft again? probably not-but lets check people's shoe's to make sure. i saw the video of the "child" and the tsa employee and it honestly looked like a simple pat down made difficult by a child throwing a tantrum. security isn't fun for anyone. even without the "pat down" my kids throw tantrums, there isn't a happy train to take them through to the gate with a clown and balloons. its about safety. i highly doubt tsa officials had a meeting and thought, "how can we make everyone uncomfortable coming through security?...also i would love for children to be violated in the process! that's a golden idea." seriously people. i just want to be safe.

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