Wednesday, November 03, 2010

school halloween

Isabella eating a donut on a string. I volunteered to do that game for her class. I'm sure the janitor's are writing me thank you notes this very moment.
Sophia figured out how to win.
our neighbor napoleon. he did the napoleon face the whole weekend. he never broke character.
bella and ella. bff's in the now and caveperson days.
neighbor swimmer. probably foreshadowing his future as a high school swimmer like older brother.
the world's most amazing clown and again neighbor.
our neighbor who saved his own money for a real byu football helmet. true fan.
carson, plugging his ears so he can't hear me tell him what a handsome ninja he is.
just our friendly neighborhood avatar. amazing.
50's girl and supergirl (aka nolan's favorite human ever)
go #6!
don't even get me started on what sophia "is". she changed costumes last minute.
a cute little lady bug and new big sister! we love chico!
a knight in shining armor!

i think halloween is my favorite crazy @#! holiday. (modern family) it really is the best. i especially love the school parade. i love cheering on my neighborhood peeps. i didn't put names for fear their parents didn't want their names published on my nationally acclaimed blog.

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