Saturday, March 20, 2010

i agree

i would love to forward this article to everyone i know but alas the glen beckers will eat me alive. but if you are feeling daring this (a little too brief) write up brings up some great points..


Katie Riggs Hansen said...

Angie, I have some news that I know would make my mother (may she rest in peace) secretly proud...I may be a liberal and I too agree.
However, I must state that I do not agree BECAUSE I am a liberal, I agree because I have been the one without and no one should be making bad decisions, like I did, to avoid the doctors office.
I am hesitant to post it going to make someone mad?

King Family said...

who cares if it makes someone mad :) i love your comment.

Denise said...

Ang, I love you to death and I agree everyone should have health insurance but I also think everyone should do something to get it (work). I'm afraid we are going to see unemployment numbers continue to go up-because why work when the govt. will give it to me? It also has to be paid by someone-and it shouldn't come out of those retirement funds of people working now (social security). I don't really want to push publish because I don't want to offend anyone-but I think people on this issue will be offended on either side.

King Family said...

All Americans will now have access to health insurance and will not have insurance availability (and their lives) hang in the balance on the basis of pre-existing conditions nor will many be forced to make the "choice" between going without insurance or spending half their salaries on more-than-inadequate insurance. Moreover, those who truly do choose to be uninsured will no longer be allowed to burden the entire system with their health care costs when they fall ill or have an accident. Best of all, we're able to cover nearly everyone while, according to the latest estimates, reducing the deficit in the long-term. In all fairness if someone doesn't want to work and wants health insurance-they can do that now. I know because we had medicaid when Seth was in school. You're right that unemployment may go up-that is a concern I will agree with employers may struggle with coverage issues-not because people won't work to get coverage. I love you too and its okay if you disagree with me. I just wish the right wing would argue it differently or think of a solution. Our healthcare system now is a joke. We have "good" insurance and I still hesitate to go the doctor because my copay is $40. My maternity copay is $50. Maybe that is pennies to some but if I have to take all of my kids to the doctor it costs $120...not to mention the premium we pay every month and the crazy hours my husband works to keep his job and benefits. I am a "good" story. My brother in law had cancer as a child and if he is ever self-employed it will be almost impossible for him to get coverage. We can agree to disagree but we SHOULD agree that change is necessary. No one should avoid the doctors office because of their financial situation.

Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

Just for the record, I'm practically a socialist so this article only offended me because it's not liberal enough.

I think your hubs was on his mish for my second year at UV, but I chartered a chapter of College Democrats of America my Soph year. It was awesome. We rounded up all the progressives on campus (I think there were 5 of us?)


PS. I think basic healthcare is a right, not a privilege...