Friday, January 09, 2015

i'm a share-er

remember the girls in high school that would come to parties and be so quiet and absolutely cool about everything?  they would laugh and listen at all the right moments and sit there like jcrew models-demure and just gorgeous.  i wasn't that girl.

i remember coaching myself before going out.  "angie-just laugh at all of the jokes the boys tell.  passively participate.  be cool.  you can be those girls."  i wasn't.  i couldn't make it five minutes.  i would erupt like a volcano telling some "kind of" funny jokes, overly participate and just share everything.

i find myself like this with social media.  i want-so badly-to be that social media participator that only sometimes posts really artistic photos, likes things here and there and just plays it cool-but once again-i can't.  i can't look at the Facebook prompt-"What's on your mind?" and not write anything.  it would be like denying Ms. Bestor in a daily journal writing activity.  i also can't not "like" comments that make me laugh-join conversations that interest is against my very nature.  i am a sucker for it all.

social media was created for people like me.  i am an official social media sucker.  cool or not cool-i love it.  i like it when people comment on my posts-it makes me feel good, funny and validated.  every "like" lifts me up and makes me feel remembered and needed.  i like connecting and reading about other people.  finding in common friends and knowing that you are on a diet, mad at your diet, running every day, pregnant, moving, tired of cleaning the kitchen..or you are just bored and need an outlet.

i apologize for posting too much and putting my life in your face but it is who i am and i can't help it. i share.  i care.  i social media.



Andrew said...

Agree 100% (glad to validate). I post and pontificate and observe and like and comment and put my thoughts out there for all to see. Social media does not detract from my real time relationships. I love to write, I love to read. This is one of the many ways I relate to my world. One "friend" told me recently that I post too much and need to get over myself... What-ev-er..... Post away Angie, I love reading your stuff!

Suzette Willmore said...

social media your brains out ang - love you!